1.44 Floppy Disc Event

The journey to get a blank Ace project as small as possible for this event is an interesting one. So far I've left room for 50 kb of actual game. Still some fluff to trim though.

Rainfall: Final Messages

Try thinking of the dial pad for a phone. See below if you need a image of one.

Let me know if that's not enough of a hint : )

[Review Request]

Name: Rainfall: Final Messages
Link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8670/
Status: Demo
Genre: Visual Novel / Murder Mystery / Horror
Estimated length: 2 hours
Small description: Rainfall is heavily inspired by games like 999/VLR/Dangan Ronpa and mixes visual novel with adventure game to bring a suspenseful little murder mystery with a colourful cast of characters. Find items, solve puzzles, talk to people, and hopefully make it out alive when the rain begins to fall.
Special requests: N/A

Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children

March 2020 for the first two puzzles, right?


There's even a demo out, RIGHT NOW. ;)

Fire Emblem Heroes

Nice. He was my second ever five star, so most of my attachment to his character comes from that first. I want a seasonal version so I can make an entire team of him and his alts D:

Fire Emblem Heroes

I want a hero merit increase so Reinhardt can stop being at the top...
Most of the units up this high were used in Tempest Trials, though my love of dancers and fliers does show a little.

@Craze: I see my boy Ephraim up there in the second row~

@Red: Congrats on all those Lyns!

@Jeroen: I hear you, I used to use horse emblem before all the anti-horse things started hitting in droves. Around that time I got my Flier core, and well...

Everybody Make A Dumb Game This Weekend

Rach and I haven't made a game in over a year - this was a great way to blow off that pent up steam. Go punch some bears in a maze that makes no sense, with a stat that does nothing, and no balancing. <3

Because clearly when you haven't game deved in a while you need to try and bend the editor over backwards making something it's not so designed for. With a time limit.

Halloween Flop

Clearly something went wrong with the download then. The game is stand alone and should not require any other files. Like I said, this screenshot was taken from a fresh download/unzip and is how it should look. The other option I suppose is an anti-virus got overzealous, but the reason I use a zip and not the default exe package is to avoid most instances of that.

Halloween Flop

Something seems off about that. I just downloaded from the link on this page, unzipped, and this is what the result should look like:

Regardless, your error seems like a keyboard issue. Are you holding a key when you launch the game? Do you have a sticky up key? Do you have a controller plugged in? I cannot replicate your issue, so I can't really help. (Also I find it funny that you mention mouse controls when there is no such support?)