I like to make video games, especially action RPG's.

I make games slowly. Call me slow. But quality is always better than quantity!




The Other Adventurer 3D

Always impressed with your body of work, Beaker!

The Legend of Blockman Review

Holy shit man, you make me want to continue this thing! I've done so much to it.

It was a combination of an uncertain future for RMN, the fact the Sphere Forums (Spherical) got nuked, and a lack of effort from me since college was getting into full gear that made me stop.

I'd love to continue this. I still have all the files, and I still work on it in small capacity from time to time.

I might just continue this.

I'll add, in my current development version:
1. No more mouse in menus (fully working under gamepad!!).
2. I've redone the graphics.
3. I've redone enemy AI.
4. I've redone some menus.
5. I've remapped a few places.
6. I've added pixel perfect attack animations, so combat feels tighter and more accurate to LoZ/SoM.
7. Plus many minor fixes and tweaks to the gameplay all around.

Hold the Line!

thesacredlobo: I can't believe you put time in reviewing this crusty piece of shit. Hahaha.

Ahem, anyways, yes, this game was made quickly like in a day or two. This is after all, an amateur game development forum and well, the basic intention of this game was more of a proof of concept: can I do a tower defense game in Sphere?

Also, all modern day tower defense games need to have a niche: Either a skill/theme/role/style that separates the game from all others. This game has none of that. In fact this game is so bare bones it's more of a toy than a game. It's like trying to review a spoon.

That said I had indeed been working on a sequel to it, where I actually looked at what would make a good tower defense game. In the end I canned it since there's a supersaturation of such games on the market and most anything has been tried and done before.

The only positive I can say about this game is that it's simplicity can make well for an introductory game to people new to the genre. That's 'bout it.

Edit: I will say I am slightly thrilled you made a video reviewing the game! :)


Holy. Shit. Ika. It's been soooo long since I heard of it, it used to be very active in the early 00's but then dropped off the radar. Ika is as old as the Sphere community, and the two were two early competitors of each other. :P (/dinosaur)

This is rather neat! :)

StarFront: Factions Review

Thank you, it's been here for a while. I'm glad you took the time to try it. It was more of an atmospheric proof of concept. I still have thoughts of expanding it one of these days. :)

Why your name?

Radnen, as because it's a partial anagram of my name Andrew, but I removed the W since I didn't like it. I first used it in one of my very first games as a friend of the protagonist. I liked it ever since.

Before I was known as FEEK. A name I would love to forget, but sadly, can't. It sounded too much like Feck, or 'fuck' so ugh, I changed it.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I've been working on Hold the Line 2 tower defense game. Currently trying to flesh out all of the menus in the game state manager. Adding general polish and shininess.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Some one say HECTIC!?

Wave 50, very hard difficulty in an attempt to balance all the turrets!

The pulses can get very seizure-inducing, so I might want to try to find a way to tone it down.

Link 2112: I'll put a video up once I finish the game so I can get some menu action going, and then put it up on the game page. But yeah, a video will do this justice.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

More action in this one, Hard mode, wave 30.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Are you ready for some tower defense!?

It's back baby! Notice the grid like structure up top, it's a new unit. As enemies pass through the line, they get hurt. But if you build up too big of a network you may suffer more downtime across all the units. So it's better to construct smaller networks of those types of turrets than larger ones.