I am a writer, I will soon be taking requests, if you would like, I can help with many things on story and dialog.


2k3 problem

I was trying to play the game Alter A.I.L.A Genesis, and when I start it, my screen goes black, and my mouse becomes the hour glass thing, and becomes bigger. How do I fix it?

RPG Maker 5

Hey all! I've been searching google and youtube and other sites for it for hours on end, and thought that maybe you guys might know something. Now, here's what I know. RPG Maker is a 3D RPG maker which graphics look similar to Final Fantasy 3 on the DS. I am dieing to get it, but haven't found a Down Load link that didn't seem suspicious yet. and if any of you know where to get it, please, tell me. I would like it to be English, or at least tell me that there is no English version as of right now. Thanks for your time! ^_^

rm2k3-How do I link pc's?

I saw that some games have many makers, how would someone send files to one another in rm2k3 useing different pcs? i.e I make a map, and a friend makes a map, friend sends his map to me, and I add it to the game. How is this done? (I am not just asking about maps tho, I mean, scripts, characters...well characters is easy but still :P) Thanks in advance ^_^

Need help with rm2k3's auto start and parellel thing

Hey, whenever I do auto start or the parallel thing in rpg maker 2003, it loops. I can't figure out how to make it stop. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of. I've tried end event, end loop, nothing works >.< a little help please.
What I am trying to do is have an auto starting talk scene and then it end.

p.s: While I'm at it, just wonder, how do you get/give maker points?

Request:Re sized sprites, and battle sprites (useing rm2k3)

Hi, I am having trouble with character sprites that need re sizing. I made the walking sprites below, but they're to big.I would like some one who knows how to re size to re size them, because EVERY time I do it,they turn out like shit, because apparently I suck at re sizing >.<. please reply soon, I am open to more then one person re sizing them, you will be thanked in the credits.

As for battle sprites, I would like the sprites below to be made into battle sprite form for rm2k3 style. Same thing as before, You will be thanked in credits.

Please reply soon, thank you for your time.

Request:Tile Sets for rm2k3

Hey,I would like some tile sets,so if you are interested in making them,please post,and I will pm you what I'd like them to look like,but if you know a website that has tile sets,then that would also be awesome,I will thank the person who helps me in the credits of my game when it is completed,thanks.

Weapon level ups

how do you set a weapon to level up on it own,and give the person it's equipped to a skill for every level up?

How do I make my own battle sprites and use them?

Okay,so I export one of them to edit it,after that,I had named it something else,and imported it into the CattleCharSet folder,but then when I go to edit the characters,it doesn't pop up when scrolling,I've looked through the tutorial lists,and nothing there tells me how,can some one please help me?

P.S. I am useing rm2k3
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