Revenge of the Hats

I like the graphic style


Beside the fact that Sword and Sorcery is made by indie developers, it is also a recently released game. If this game ever get more exposure in the indie gaming websites, I can see a shitstorm coming.

RMN4 is here!

damn cool! the header feels a bit empty though

What are you thinking about right now?

So I heard SMBX is dead?

Which prominent RMN'er are you?

Lol I remember this

by the way,
Congratulations! You are Mog!

Your life is very hard as it takes a lot of work to be this important.


Why are yo putting up a new download, instead of updating the existing one?

EpiQuest 2

Eh? I didn't even see a download button for this game

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Anyone has a link for the english version of Taut? Preferably the one with RTP. Thanks in advance!

Edit : I'm also looking for a game named 'Shades'. Games with generic names sure are hard to search.

AAG is out!

Holy shit, almost 300 downloads already? *Adding one to the counter*

Scary Movie

So, we are allowed to do only a part of the movie and not the whole of it?
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