I Miss the Sunrise

How do you find the Lesser Habitation? When I played through the game the first time, I didn't find hide nor scale of it. Nearly missed the black market if it were not for the wiki.

EDIT: *Just* found it. Didn't notice the left branch of the abandoned facility. Thanks anyway.

I Miss the Sunrise

The finding or the fighting?

To find him, you just need to move a fleet onto the spot where he's hiding (it's random). Multiple fleets helps.

To beat him, it's probably a good idea to use weapons that would not be thwarted by a large, metal barrier. He regenerates fast and gains attack power every turn, so once you figure out his weakness you might want to craft a bunch of weapons of that property/type and put one on everyone so you can get lots of criticals.
Ah. I was mistaken. Not the Collector, but The Drinker. The one that absorbs energy from it's Power Fountains. It and it's Fountains seem to be resistant to everything. Stopping it's A weapon from firing (it is called 'Ejection' seemed like the way to go by using the A-Block Added Effect, but I've never gotten it to work. The pattern of the Power Fountain's attack seemd like something as well, but hitting him with the same element pattern doesn't seem to do anything.

Can't deal enough damage to destroy anything since they resist everything and recharge totally every turn. Turning the Zone of Control against him or waiting it out (20 phases...) doesn't seem to affect anything.

EDIT: argh (which was exactly my sentiments in the last few days regarding this fight) was one to something. Overload 'em. Won. Only took a dozen tries and help.

I Miss the Sunrise

Playing game, love it. Fortunate enough to have discovered it hours after it was completed.

Having trouble with the bounty The Collector. At a loss. Could you be so kind as to give some hint?
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