Animal Village

It's quite fun and charming.

Spoiler notes
The ballerina leggy boss threw me off in a good "Oh shit! Oh shit!" kinda way, was about to die in the end but just about figured out it's attack pattern at the last second.

-There's certainly an overabundance of ammo. Could be a design choice due to lack of melee.
-The zombies aren't quite dangerous early on, maybe increasing their walk speed just a tad might make them more threatening?
-Didn't knew you could receive damage from the big skulls lying on the floor. It wasn't too much of a problem and it's a good lesson for the player to be more wary of their environment.
-I didn't knew how to save or bring up the menu, so I accidentally closed the game to check up on the controls again... I reached the graveyard but it was totally my bad for not paying attention.
-The Enter pop up is abit buggy, e,g being able to enter a area without facing the desired direction.

Other than those mild quibbles, I did enjoy my time with the game, need to explore the sim dating part the next time I play.

Thank you for taking the time to write this! This is super useful. I should've made this clearer, but the game saves automatically, so you can continue from where you left off without a problem.

The Lantern Game Review

Good Sir,

This is a ridiculous amount of words to dedicate to this game. I am honored and I must commend you. I'm glad to find someone who was obstinate enough to get the point of the game, as they are the only kind of person that could enjoy it (enjoy it?).

The game was meant to test how much someone could hoard coins before they´d go back in fear but, obviously, it failed. The moneys counter puts too much stake into finding all the coins, and frames the "perfect" ending as the only ending worth getting. So all it ends up being is an extremely frustrating game, rather than an exploration into how much you´re willing to risk losing everything.

Really great review! Again, I'm flattered someone put this much thought into this game.

Words, words Review

Lovely review. It saddens me I wasn't here to read it earlier, but I'm very glad I did.

Definately making the name Esteban canon.

The Lantern Game

Always with the endings xD

Just played this game and recorded my experience. It'll be added as media soon.

It was...interesting. Overall, I didn't like it. It felt fast and instant death after all that collecting really broke my spirits. It would only get worse the longer I played. I can apprieciate the DOS visual style, it all looks good. Also, I like the way blocks appear in the shadows is neat. It's not my kind of game, I knew that going in, but the brutal survival requirements are too much for me. Someone else might want a challenge and continue trying.

As for the endings, is it all from ending the game with varying amounts of money? Honestly, it hardly seems worth it T.T Especially if you also died many times along the way. The frustration of restarting overtakes fun.

It's decent for a quick game, but not for me.

Wow, you really gave it an amazing try for a game that wasn't your thing. Really appretiate the letsplay video.

The whole game came about when I realized I could use a function that affects how close objects are to you to create an artificial kind of darkness. Honestly I was trying to use the fear of losing everything to create tension, but many times death seems to come out of nowhere, specially if you bump into a ghost while running away from another one. Tried to fix that by altering the ghosts' speed but it changed the game into a different kind of game, and I didnt like it.

I wanted a game where you're inching closer slowly, scared of what you'll discover at the edge of your vision. I also wanted to do the whole "leave whenever you want" thing, so it's each player who decides when they've risked enough and make their way back. Maybe I shouldve added more variety of endings at the smaller money ranges?


Well, damn. :0
Now I feel dumb.

Wither Review

? I don't really whatch Buffy. What exactly happens in that video?

Wither Review

I thought the title was cute and amusing but apparently I am stepping on some serious business, here!

Well I thought it was cute.


It's actually good to know that the "official" interpretation doesn't make that much more sense than alternative interpretations.

I actually believe in death of the author, so I don't really feel obliged to have a watertight interpretation. Besides, chana's interpretation is just so much more elegant.


Well I guess that's true and makes more sense.



I thought that he didn't exactly hang himself but it was him being preoccupied with images of death. Because if he was alive up until then(him seeing the guy hanged) then how could he have finished his quest for flowers? There was no real change in him before and after seeing the hanged guy. If you say he did in fact hang himself, then wouldn't he be a wandering soul(dead) for the entire game until he finds all the flowers? at which point his soul is at rest and he can be with his bro.

Him crawling into the grave is when he dies. After seeing the hanged man in the hotel, which is from where he gets the idea to hang himself in his hotel room. So from his perspective he's crawling into a huge underground mausoleum (which doesn't exist!) but he's really walking back to his hotel room and killing himself.
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