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Neo Retro Super Mario Bros. Review

I too would like to get all the balls.

Anyway, thanks for the review! Iirc I was trying to make things Nintendo Hard towards the end and wind up putting in a lot of cheap design choices for the sake of "difficulty" that honestly brought this game down, in hindsight.

Wyrm Warriors Review

this would have been so awesome if it became a thing.

Sellsword Review

Whew it feels weird to look back on this game.

Anyway, thank you for the review! You provided a lot of suggestions that would help me improve my future projects.

Revenge of the Fallen Review

Thank you for the review!

The technical limitations of working with RMXP without scripting (which is part of the reason the Summoner doesn't really behave in sync with everyone else, for instance) topped with the fact that I never really had previous experience making a game like this and a vague story that I came up with on the fly is the best answer I can give to why it's not particularly polished.

I give kudos to Gredge for doing a great job in expanding on the concepts with his half.

Pokémon RMN Version Review

Yeah, this review had nothing to do with it and when I look back on it, it's rather justified, really. I can only hope whoever is taking over doesn't dismiss the points brought up, here.

Cold at Heart Review

Luiishu pretty much said it.

Thank you for taking the time to review this. Your thoughts will be definitely be duly noted by the time we release a final build.

@Luiishu: One route we can take, if we want to steer away from the EXP route, is to give more value to the credits. As oppose to just having them give you access to healing items, how about additional (but temporary) attacks or actions? I think it'll allow players to have more options for dealing with battles and the "default" tools already given to them.

Midget Race Review

I think the gross humor displayed in that screenshot is enough to make me avoid this game.

The Last King of Hyrule Review

This was... brief, but thanks I guess?

Oblivion Quest Review

Thanks! Your review is a bit hard to follow, however, due to numerous errors in spelling an grammar. Your metaphorical comparisons could also be tied in a little bit better, because for a moment I thought they were coming from absolutely nowhere.

Breaking Out Review

So let’s go see if Ratty524 manages to do a fine enough job that this game can pass off as a successful Chinese knockoff of it or if it’s better left burying it with the rest of the unsold copies of E.T. in the dump… Let’s go find out!

Your reviews kill me, man. xD

Thanks for your feedback! I'm not sure what causes the freezing issues as the game tends to play fine on my end. It could possibly be a browser issue where focus is lost on the game, but I could be wrong.

And yes, the music was composed by me, with sound effects generated through Chiptone. It's definitely not my expertise. xD