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World Wide Maze - Best game ever?

So during my snooping about in the RPG maker community, I came across a web game called World Wide Maze.

What is World Wide Maze? Well, it's a maze, duh. You control a three-dimensional ball and you collect stars and stuff in a 3D maze, with the goal being to reach the exit.

Simple, yes, but here is the awesome part: The mazes are generated by web pages!

So... during my playthrough of this, I was literally playing RMN's Home page:
WARNING- large images

RMN turned out to be a pretty complex stage. xD

Here is the link: http://chrome.com/maze/

See if you can turn your favorite sites into a maze! :D

Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess, which should I buy?

So after messing around with Zelda Classic and doing research on the mind-boggling timeline of the Legend of Zelda series, I'm willing to give one of the newer console titles a try.

So which would you recommend, Skyward Sword or Twighlight Princess? I've heard mixed reactions on the two games prior to this thread but I'd like to hear this community's opinion.

... Or would you recommend neither? :P

Two questions regarding SMBX

Fellow RMNers,

Believe it or not, I am trying to make a Super Mario X game with completely custom graphics. This is unfortunately easier said then done, as I am testing the stuff I already made, I am running into some problems.

1st question: What are the size specifications of the frames for the player graphics (mario, for instance). I can't seem to follow what template the creator made for this program.

2nd question: This is more general, what does the "projectile" setting do for the Cheep Cheep AI? I tried setting it while placing the NPC in water, but nothing happens.

Any help would be appreciated

Stat customization - How do you think it should be done?

So I'll reveal a little secret of mine: For the Summer Games competition I am making a game that is centered on customizing your party's stats. The stat increasing items are not like those Seeds of Mana that are hard to obtain, but are a commodity, allowing the player to increase each stat (HP, MP, attack, defense, spirit, and agility) to multiple levels within a short period of time.

My question is whether this is a good idea? Do you think players should be allowed to easily customize their party member's stats or not? Do you think there should be a limit as to how much the player can do this? Take Pokemon, for instance. You gain an "effort point" for every enemy you defeat, which alters your pokemon's individual stats, but you can only have 255 of these points per stat, and 510 effort points total, meaning you can't just max out every stat and blow through the game. My aim is to give players more control and personalization of their party members, but would this be the way to do it?

Rayman Origins

I played the demo of this game back at the San Diego Comic-con. It's amazing to see that this limbless freak is still alive, and in my honest opinion, he's made a great comback.

The gameplay demo at E3

One of the best features about this game is its co-op. While I'm kind of sketchy about the fact that you can hit your own teammate, it makes this game tremendously fun.

From what I've seen in my Comic-con playthrough, the developers seem to be taking Rayman back to it's roots (hence the title). You get to find "Electoons" hidden in parts of the levels (something I thought they removed from existence since Rayman 2), and platforming action that involves throwing your punches. Oh, and no more raving rabbids.

What do you guys/gals think of this?

Lets talk about pirate games! Yohoho and a Bottle of Rum!

So yesterday I downloaded a truck load of bootleg/pirate game ROMs for my sega genesis emulator. I haven't got through half of my load yet, but I've played quite a lot so far, especially the ones that I've heard about. So far, there are good ones, bad ones, and god awful sacks of shit.

So RMN, what hacked/pirated games have you played lately? Here's my rundown of a few of the stuff I played so far:

Pokemon Stadium (Megadrive):Sub Par
- I don't know what game it's a hack from. It's kind of an interesting tactical battler... thingy where you face other pokemon. The killer is the fact that arcade mode only lets you play one round against a koffing (or "Dogas" as it's called in this game) and then bugs out and boots you to the title screen. There is also a vs. mode where you can face a friend, but good luck with that.

A Bug's Life:Bad
- I love the movie, but I hate this game. Your character jumps as high as an overweight rhinoceros, and the controls are horrifically delayed. You thow berries at bugs which should be bigger than you (since you're an ant) but due to the curved direction, plus the fact that most of your enemies are ground-based, they miss about half the time, and you can't throw while jumping or ducking. I can't get pass the first level, it just sucks.

Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan:Decent
- This is one of the few games that I've been able to beat so far. It's a pretty good beat-em-up, if not a little hard. The fact that you can't recover when enemies surround you kind of kills it sometimes, also there is a bit of a character imbalance from the three choices you are given. The blue-haired, big-breasted chick is the best character in the game, the other two have lacking speed and the ranges of their weapons are horrid. Other than that, I actually liked this game.

Sonic Jam 6:Bad
- This game's existence is just a disgrace. It's a direct clone of Super Mario Bros. on the Super Nintendo, only you're playing as Sonic the Hedgehog. Actually, it's not a direct clone, its one of the worst attempts at cloning a simple platform game I've ever seen. For a start, the jumping controls are REALLY sensitive. You have to press and hold in order to make Sonic jump as high as possible, and any lighter he doesn't. The hit detection for the enemies and even the blocks are screwed up, too. You have to be DEAD CENTER of a goomba in order to kill it without getting hit, and you tend to "slide" off of platforms. I stopped playing after the game crashed when a bugged Lakitu was throwing spinies at every SPLIT SECOND on the screen. I don't recommend this game to anyone.

Psycho Waluigi

I'm always defensive when it comes to people to say that "all fangames are shit". You know why? Because it's still possible to make a good game based on another series, and the fact that it's based off another series to begin with does NOT affect the game play.

In fact, the only reason why people would say that fan games tend to sucks is that they are done by awful, young developers who do not understand what good game design is. Psycho Waluigi, however, is an exception.

Psycho Waluigi is an indie game developed by Thunder Dragon. The game involves the under-appreciated Mario character, Waluigi, and his conquest of the land of Unconcia. He basically discovers that he has psychic powers, and now plans to use them to take over every kingdom in the land.

The gameplay is pretty unique. It takes the classic mario-styled platforming and does so much more with it. Waluigi can use his psychic powers to pick up objects, enemies, and whatnot and toss it at other objects and enemies. In addition, you can perform "mind control" over particular enemies with special abilities. You can freeze foes with a Walrus, shock people with a jellyfish blooper thing, and shoot fireballs from piranha plants.

Needless to say, this game is awesome, but if words won't convince you, here is a video of the first level:

You can get the demo to the game here:

Anyway, has anyone else tried this? I just love any fan game that actually shows some competence and originality, something which there seems to be a lack of with most fan games in the indie game world, most notably with the RPG Maker community.


I'm Leaving

I'm leaving RMN for roughly 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I have to take a shit.

Pokemon is so Popular That it Gets a Ton of Leaks about Everything.

The way it is now, Pokemon Black and White has about 1 day left towards its official release in Japan.

Already, some guy has managed to grab all of the sprites of the pokemon that appear in the game!

This guy I love

Looks freakin' badass

This is the god of everything. Statwise, it seems to be an equivalent to the bulky Dusknoir.

This, on the other hand, looks lame. Yes, it's an ice cream cone.

This is the gear pokemon's evolution line... I'm serious.

You can check out their Japanese names, types, and final evo's base stats here:

The Fairly Odd Parents Movie... WITH DRAKE BELL!