Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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Always display “Scroll Picture With Map“ Pictures at the correct coordinates

That's an interesting way to do it, though I always use dummy events that I get Screen X/Screen Y coordinates of (not map x as it gives coordinates in pixels) and display pictures based on that.

Running Rm2k/2k3 in Testplay Mode Without Using the Editor + Other Parameters

author=GameOverGames Productions
Ok that works for both, thanks. Most programs aren't programmed to be so finicky.

Most programs haven't been written in Borland Delphi which basically inherited its command line parameter handling from Turbo Pascal (via the ParamStr function). Yes, RM 2k and 2k3 have been written in Delphi. Not sure about 95, but XP and onwards were written in C++ and Ruby (scratch the latter in favor of JS in case of MV).

This also goes against the common knowledge that C++ is the fastest language since 2k3 is way more performant than even VX Ace (which got close to 2k3 performance but couldn't quote reach it). There are no fast programming languages, there are only fast compilers/interpreters (source code may be the most competently written thing in the world, but if compiler/interpreter can't generate performant code, it's useless).

Change the system font in RPG Maker 2003

While this is cool and all, the problem is that it's hard to make a nice font at the resolution RM needs them to be so what you'll make will either end up looking like MS Gothic/MS Mincho anyway or will be hardly legible.

Make your RM2000/2003 Game Work without RTP - 2019

As for steps 3-5, I always just end up copying entirety of RTP into my project. I mean, it's not big, unlike with newer makers, mostly midi songs and 8-bit PNGs so the game won't weight much compared to modern games.

Maps as Title Screens...

I understand concept behind maps as title screen pretty well - my previous project which ended only as demo (it's in Polish and I'd need translator to show it here) was made in 2k3 using BetterAEP by Cherry to make map as title screen. In the past I've even made RGSS script for XP that basically allowed for titlescreen made with events.

But yeah, you can do some really cool stuff with events that would be hard to achieve with pure RGSS. I think I'll record titlescreen of that 2k3 game I was talking about and post it here.

Maps as Title Screens...

Thanks! Anyway, maybe you could make this part of the tutorial? It would help people who want something similar and don't have time to read comments.

Maps as Title Screens...

How to make it so "current" title screen would disappear after some time so user won't have to press space?
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