Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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Hey, why on the project page there is info about random RPG instead of the 20xx engine?

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

Playing sports

I'm not interested in anything that makes me all sweated and tired.

//edit: Really though, why was @grindalf the only person who took the thread seriously?

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

Super Mario Maker

I'm looking for (j)RPG making software, not platformer making one. Besides, I can't afford Wii U and SMM (though I play Mega Man Maker).

//edit: Eh. of only I had more skill in writing engines from scratch, I'd probably would write my own RM clone. Open RPG Maker was close, but it's dead unfortunately.

What is the best RPG Maker alternative


Requires "IRL Friends" DLC that I do not own and it's highly unlikely I will in the foreseeable future.

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

Thanks. Though I never was able to get into RPG Toolkit, dunno really why. Maybe RPG Wizard will be different.

//edit: Remembered why. It requires actually coding stuff and doesn't have convenient events or other kind of visual scripting. And it's weird all-around

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

Note that I'm not looking for a general-purpose game engine, so GM, Unity, Godot, etc. are out. They're really fine, but I'm looking for something designed for making RPGs.

RM is a fine program, but it really went downhill. I'm talking about lag issues in MV. Also the other thing I don't like about it is that it made its business model about overpriced in my opinion (only one or two tilesets for a price of an indie game? Really?), not as bad as the thing that Paradox does, but it does so while still keeping main product quite expensive.

So what are the best, preferably free (being open source as well is a plus), RM alternatives that still are being developed?

[rm2k3] Advanced math

I know it can be done, just don't know how. There are no impossible things, there is only lack of skills needed to complete the task, after all. I'll definitely check out your game. Was it made with legit or unofficial 2k3?

@kaine87, thanks, I'll check that out.

[RM2K] [RM2K3] Why separate "tsukuru" categories?

@Kentona, true but there are other non-rm2k3 skills needed. Such as ability to reverse-engineer exes and then change their coding to your liking. Then you need to get stuff like 2k3's memory map. I'm very pissed that Patch EULA disallows sharing data on how internals of the engine are laid out, otherwise I'm sure Cherry would be happy to share it.

End of the moth log-out?

Have you considered that your computer might be haunted?

We need to exclude natural explanations before we go for the supernatural. @Kentona maybe, though I don't think it clears data for browsers other than IE/Edge. Then again, OP may not use the best browser she/he can.

Stealing in a game where enemies cannot be refought

Maybe track event direction and player direction and if they're opposite (player's behind a monster) add a "show choice" with option for pickpocket. This would remove stealing from the battle mechanic and it would also make it more engaging by having it depend on the player's stealth skills (as you need to approach monster from the back).