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[RM2K3] [Maniacs Patch] Is there any way to transfer monster data (HP, etc.) from database to variables?

So I've decided to do my own CBS for my game to have full control over it. Probably will have to "remake" monster data (hp, mp, agi, other stats) in variables, but before I do it, since I am using Maniac Patch, I wanted to ask whether it is possible to access monster data stored in the DB (mainly stats, but also exp and gold given at the end of battle) using Maniac Patch's features. Probably unlikely, but I have to ask before reinventing the wheel that's already there.

[RM2K3] Anyone knows how to make player be able to click events (maniac patch)?

Anyone knows how to make player to be able to click events? I want to use it for a shooting gallery minigame.

[RM2K3] Know of any turn-based CBS tutorials?

I've decided to make my game in 2k3 because it's most performant of the engines (and some of the stuff that I want to do would tank even VX Ace which is most performant "modern" RM) However, this leaves me in a tricky spot regarding battle system which is both buggy and not really what I want anyway (for example, I want to replace menu items with icons and no, EXFONT won't satisfy me on that one, another thing is that in RM2k3 there isn't really a way to customize battle formulas).

I can find plenty of tutorials on Zelda-like CBS, but I really want to do turn-based one. Do you know of any tutorials for turn-based CBS in 2k/2k3?

Pixel Game Maker MV is going to SUCK

It seems to be based on the same buggy core framework RMMV is based on. Some of these bugs consist of:

- General lag (It has troubles to run on mid to low range systems where similar engines of more complex nature such as Unity or GM can run fine for 2D games.
- JavaScript. JavaScript never changes. It's always has been one of the slowest sceripting languages and the only reason V* engine gave any sort of improvement is because it basically caches everything throwing as much memory at the JS as possible. Which again, contributes to the previous point. Lua would be much better scripting backend, especially if it'd be LuaJIT
- Audio lag, because RM MV is dumb and decides to load entire music file instead of streaming it like any sane engine does. And don't say that it's not possible - DSE-AudioLagFix proves it is.

Not saying PGM MV will have these as well for sure but given the fact some of these issues are inherent to the technologies in use in both and higher than likely chance PGM MV will have similar plugin architecture to RM MV, it's almost certain these issues will move onto PGM MV.

What is the best RPG Maker alternative

Note that I'm not looking for a general-purpose game engine, so GM, Unity, Godot, etc. are out. They're really fine, but I'm looking for something designed for making RPGs.

RM is a fine program, but it really went downhill. I'm talking about lag issues in MV. Also the other thing I don't like about it is that it made its business model about overpriced in my opinion (only one or two tilesets for a price of an indie game? Really?), not as bad as the thing that Paradox does, but it does so while still keeping main product quite expensive.

So what are the best, preferably free (being open source as well is a plus), RM alternatives that still are being developed?

[rm2k3] Advanced math

Does someone have event code examples for advanced math for 2k3? Mainly trig stuff and stuff like absolute value, etc. I know sin/cos/etc. could be done with a lookup table, but just don't know if anyone tried to do it in 2k3 (really don't want to reinvent the wheel if I can avoid it). Patches are out of the question too as I'm using official release and there are no patches for it yet as far as I know.

[RM2K3] Need graphics for a Skyrim-like lockpicking game

Dimensions: 160x160
Need: Graphic of a lock and lockpick, in above dimensions. Should be pixelart that's more or less consistent with the RTP so it wouldn't clash too much.

Can't pay you as I'm totally broke and it's for a free game.

[RM2K] [RM2K3] Why separate "tsukuru" categories?

I have problem with that, since these are essentially the same program, so why it has category dupes for old/unofficial releases? They could be just as well merged with no harm done whatsoever since many of the tutorials, unless they use stuff introduced in the "official" version (in which case it should be disclosed) can apply to both official and unofficial releases.

Anyone can recommend a good midi editor?

It should be a free one, with a tracker-style interface if possible. Already tried Anvil Studio and Aeria Maestosa and for the first one I don't like the business model of it and the program is more for the people who can read sheet music (which I can't) and Aeria Maestosa, well... it just looks bloody awful and its piano roll mode isn't really worth a damn.

Also, it should support playing notes with a regular keyboard (I don't have nor can afford a MIDI one).

Please don't recommend DAWs such as SunVox or "regular" trackers such as Open MPT. I know I can technically make a midi with them, but will then have to muck with setting up instruments so they will export right for the song and I can forget about things like setting event 111 so RM can recognize a loop.

And in case anyone want to suggest Radium (which is one of the first results for "midi editor with a tracker-like interface" on google, don't bother - already checked it. Midi import only.

[RM2K3] Looking for a tutorial for making a custom, turn-based battle system in events

Not adjusting the default one, but making one completely from scratch. Can someone help me with it? Link to the tutorial is fine.

I have searched, but came up only with tutorials that add on to the default one via battle events and so on, not some about making custom turn-based system on events. I've came also across tuts about making a real-time battle system, but I want to make turn-based one.