Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.


Does anyone here uses Novelty?

Trying to learn it, goes quite well because this program is even more intuitive than RM (if that's even possible), however have some trouble with really minor stuff, but don't want to ask here if no one uses it.

(no, I can't ask on Novelty's forum because it is literally impossible to register there)

"Remember Me" option

I think having such option would be nice. I hate to put in my password each time I visit this site.

Need testers for my game

Hello, I'm looking for testers for my game. Since I don't feel comfortable making gamepage for it just yet (though it would probably go accepted, it's just that I think my game isn't polished enough to deserve a game page), I'll send link to beta version via PM to interested parties.

[Ace] Setting picture angle directly

How can I set specific picture's angle directly? I'm making "flashlight" which uses picture to mask rest of the scene off, but don't want to make 4 separate pictures for each direction. So I need a way to set specific angle to the picture.

Dwarf Fortress history generation algorithms?

I like to write interactive fiction from time to time. Unfortunately every IF game comes to an end quite quickly. So I wondered how cool it'd be to make text adventure game that is completely procedurally generated to give you story that is always different. Still there'd be lot to write but hardest part would be find to stitch it together in somewhat logical fashion.

Then I've remembered that Dwarf Fortress already does something similar for the world's history. So, do you have any articles/resources on how DF's history generation is achieved?

Wing Commander 3 free on Origin...

Is it worth downloading or will it just take away space from my HDD?

[Poll] Sending PMs is wonky

While sending PMs more often than not after hitting submit you get "The system is down" error even though mail was sent (it is in sent items). What's up with that?

(Script request) Advanced screen pan (Ace)

Could someone write script that would allow for advanced screen panning?

By advanced I mean that you can choose direction of pan in degrees (0-359, floating point numbers acceptable), speed (in pixels per seconds) and length of pan (in pixels).

Could someone write such script for me?

[Ace] Collisions between pictures and events/map

I'm writing a minigame that is partially done with events and partially with pictures and I'd like to know how can I know if picture is overlapping with events. As I'm no stranger to RGSS, some RGSS snippet would work, though I'd prefer to keep to events. Simple bounding box collision would work best, but I don't know how to get dimensions of picture displayed and its x/y, same for events, so some RGSS magic may be needed here.

Great MMO I found

Recently I discovered great MMO. It's called Istaria and has dragons... as playable race.

Said MMO is F2P, with subscription option, but subscription isn't cheaty, it gives you access to few perks like building or access to test versions, but it isn't nothing major and you can play game just fine without paying, there are no "premium areas", like e.g. in Tibia (bleh).

Graphically it is stuck in 90s (very lowpoly graphics), but quests are strangely rewarding, even if most of them are standard fetch/kill x of y MMO fare. I can't say how it is in rest of game, as I'm still doing tutorial quests, but so far it is very good.

It's available at http://www.istaria.com