Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



I was doodling in graphicsgale and this is result:

What it is I don't even. Can you help me decide?

Modern 3D platformers?

Do you know any modern 3D platformers? I have enough of Crash, Mario, Banjo, Conker, Croc, Rayman and whatnot, would like something new, preferably with PC version.

Rendered RM Resources?

Posting here because I didn't think other sections were applicable for this, if they are mods are free to move, but please PM me about that as I often can't find topic after move without googling for it. Once even thought it was deleted.

Anyway, I've setup scene in Blender that would allow me to make prerendered resources compliant with RM standards. Would you be interested in such resources? Two things:
- Renders will be in good quality
- I won't do "brown realistic" stuff - if anything my renders will be more like sprites from games like DK Country, though of course in true color (24bpp).

Legality of easter eggs

I'd like to ask about legality of putting easter eggs in game that is supposed to be sold. I don't want to sell my current or even next game, but somewhere down the line, who knows?...

Anyway most of eggs are not related to my imaginary properties and I usually aim for Duke3D/Retro City Rampage count of eggs. but I dunno about legality of such shootouts/easter eggs. Do we have any lawyer on board?

Looking for streamer to play my game

Game is in beta and not ready for public release, hence no game page (yet). I'm looking for streamers willing to play it on stream as I hit limit to what improvements I can make. To improve further I need to see how other people plays the game so I can see what need to be improved/made more clear, etc.

Anyone interested? I can provide link to newest build via PM (needs VX Ace RTP). Also I'm living in the CEST timezone, so take this into account when choosing stream time. I am mostly available on weekends or between 18-02 CEST (or 6PM-2AM CEST)

Looking for script/snippet to force location window to reappear (VXAce)

As in topic. I'm looking for script/snippet that forces map's display name to reappear without actually reentering the map.

"Actions" on top of thread list

I'd like "Actions" (new topic, new poll) to be either moved or duplicated on top of thread list. Having to scroll down, just to make new topic is very... inconvenient (I'd use stronger word, but I'm pretty sure cursing isn't allowed there and even if it is, I'm very polite person).

Anyone know good chiptune internet radio?

Anyone know any good internet radio that plays chiptunes (and chiptunes only)? Because all chiptunes net radios I listened to this point either doesn't work or have such short playlist that I basically can predict what will play next.

Should be shoutcast/icecast compatible, so I can play it from Winamp (or qmmp if I'm on Linux), but radios that run only in browser are allowed too (as someone else could listen to them). Please share!

Mobile version

Please make mobile version of the site. I tried (tried being key word) to browse it from my LG E340, but it was cumbersome and when I zoomed in so I can actually read what is there, login form obscured everything. I'm using mobile Chrome.

World map or not?

IMO world map in RPG games is lazy design for me. When I see worldmap in RM game that isn't fan game of some jRPG which is known for having world maps (like e.g. Chrono Trigger), I always imagine his creator thinking this: "Oh, I am too lazy to map properly all areas in game's world, so I have an idea: I'll just throw world map so I want have to map those spoony forests, plains and mountains, only towns".

What are YOUR thoughts on the subject?