Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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Fetching imgur album?

Could you add functionality to fetch images from imgur album for screenshots section for submission? I have imgur album which I used to advertise game on other sites and would like to quickly fetch this by posting link to album instead of uploading screenies one by one (have quite some of them, like 20 or so).

It would automatically fetch screenies and either hotlink them from imgur or copy to RMN's server.

Running message[VXA]

When you can't run from battle, usually escape option is inactive. Instead I'd like it to be active and put message like "You cannot run right now" (like normal, in-game text message) along with an icon in form of faceset. Can someone make such script?

TL;DR: Instead of locked Escape option in battle you can't run from, I want message that says "you can't run from this battle!" along with a faceset.

[VX Ace]Khas' Pathfinder: How to detect if event finished movement

How can I check if event had got to end of the path using Khas' pathfinder? I'm using it along with proximity detection script to implement stealth mechanic in my game and after reaching end of path I want them to start battle using default battle system. However I don't know how to detect if event reached end of the path. Any help?

Character generator for VX Ace that does kids?

Yes, I know VX Ace has character generator and frankly I'm using it quite extensively in my game, but unfortunately it doesn't generate children and there's only so many kids charsets and facesets in default RTP. Can you help me?

Looking for the beta testers

While game I'm making is not yet ready for demo, or even project page, I'd like to make closed beta testing. Currently there are four positions open, once they're all filled, I'll reveal link to beta via private messages.

Game will be freeware, as most games here are, but I want to ensure quality of it. I can't do it myself (game is pretty big), that's why I need testers.

Current accepted testers:

When applying please state why I should choose you and what experience with RM do you have.

Jump to XY

In normal move events commands we only have option to jump BY specific amount of tiles.

I'm looking for a script that would let you jump TO specific x,y (standard jump command should not be affected as I'm using it too).

What I'm working on is platforming stage in my RPG, kinda similar to those in Mario & Luigi series, where when you're on spikes or other bad terrain, you jump back either to start of level or last "safe" location.

[VX Ace] Getting region number player or event is standing on

While I didn't got to that part yet, I'd like to make some kind of platforming minigame in my RPG.

I have almost everything planned out, but I need to get region number player is standing on to make it work.

This platforming stage would work similar to ones in Mario & Luigi series - when you jump on tile that is "bottomless pit", you'd get back up, with some health loss. I need something to mark those "bottomless pit" tiles and regions seems to be easiest way to do this.

Now how can I set region id that player is standing on to a variable?

[VX Ace] Combos (fighting special movements, Konami Code, etc.)

I have completely no idea how to make combo movements in... I think any engine (I don't understand how they work). You know, like in fighter games (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken) or simplest example: Konami Code.

Now I need it for VX Ace to one easter egg (you would need to make special combo sequence in one place to unlock collectible - I don't know if it would be Konami Code or something different).

I'd prefer event solution. Will someone help me?

VX Ace - Unofficial translation of editor and legality

I'm going to buy VX Ace and that raises interesting legal question for me.

I've used unofficial Polish translation of VXA trial version and by translator maker I've been told that it'll just work as well on the full version of VXA.

It is more convenient to use Polish version for me, but I don't know if, when I'll get VXA license I'd be legally able to use it on translated maker (mind you, this is pure translation, just like unofficial English one, made before VXA got into international release - no cracks/pirating involved). Any help on that one?


What do you think about it? Personally I love demoscene, there are just so many great demos and games (state of art and kkrieger being one of best).

I am also in the process of making my own demo with tool called ZGameEditor.

Discuss demoscene in this thread.