Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.




Anyone played it? It is very pretty game and now the only reason I am keeping Minecraft on HDD is for redstone and Powercraft (but it seems it'll have redstone-like mechanics soon).

Currently have only demo, as don't have yet money to buy it, but when it comes out, I certainly will buy it.

What do you thing about it?

Some screenies:


Could someone write DynRPG plugin that would expose whole DynRPG API to some easier than c++ (so literally anything besides c/c++) language, maybe scripting one like Lua? This way it would be easier to write things and you could test changes without recompiling plugin.

Kid battler?

Can someone make me battler based on top-left character in this charset?

So I want to make PG Maker...

I've decided to make my own RPG Maker from scratch and I'd like to get some design tips. Not in terms of features, as I know what I want to implement, but in terms of designing both editor and engine (especially how to handle map file formats, how to make drawing tiles work, etc.).

So this thread is mainly for Cherry and Wolfcoder as both worked either on editor (Cherry's RM Ultimate) or engine (both). And perhaps for the authors of EasyRPG/TURBU if they're around.

Any tips where I should start?

One thing I can say for sure about this maker: Both engine and editor will be open-sourced, though I will get money out of that (my business model features some ideas that will help me get the money).

Skill shop script? (VX Ace)

Could someone write or point me to script that will allow me to make "skill shop"? I.e. place where character can learn specific skill by paying specific amount of money (=/= shop with scrolls). I know I could event this, but script would be more flexible. Prices should be settable via Notes section of Skill db entry.

Anti-doublepost safety

Could you add feature that will act as anti-doublepost safety? E.g. so users is unable to post two times sane post (like when he/she clicks several times Submit button or if he/she has sloppy connection that tries to send data to RMN servers several times).

So we won't have something like this:

User (2012-08-08 12:21:53)
So how about it?
User (2012-08-08 12:21:57)
So how about it?
User (2012-08-08 12:22:02)
So how about it?

Mind you, that actual ability to double post, if content is different, shouldn't be taken, especially when author wants to bump topic if no one replied and he/she was waiting for replies, or if author of last post has new info to share about subject.

RM Game as single exe

Want to make your game into single EXE, as 'portable' version or just "encrypt" resources in RM2k3 game? Well, to this point only solutions you could use were Molebox and Thinstall, but I've recently learned about new, free solution for that kind of stuff called Cameyo.

It works basically like Thinstall (not sure if Molebox works in similar way), so if you can make 'portable' app in Thinstall, here you would be able too.

For those who don't know, I've wrote basic instructions.

Before we start though I'll tell you how this work. Basically Cameyo (or Thinstall, for that matter) takes two "snapshots" of your system: Before and after installation of program you want to make portable. Then it compare them and add modified/added files and registry keys to the package. When you are running portabilized app, those files are unpacked and reg keys are temporarily added to registry.

So you'll have to make "normal" installer anyway before you'll start portabilizing your app. Cameyo works fine with InnoSetup installers (catches changes correctly), not sure about RM XP/VX/Ace built-in installer solution.

1. First you start Cameyo and click Studio tab at the bottom. Then you click "Capture app locally".
2. You wait for snapshot to be taken (here's tip: Do it in windows installed in Virtualbox, because taking snapshot of system that isn't just after reinstall takes ages)
3. You are installing your RM game (or any other program, but here we are talking about RM games)
4. When installation is done, click "Install done" in Cameyo's window. It will take post-install snapshot and will present you window where you'll choose which exe file it should run when you are running your package (RPG_RT.exe, or Game.exe, not uninstall app ;)). Here you can also set where package will be saved.
5. Done, now you can run your game in portable form and you are safe that someone will rip out your resources (and in VX/Ace Audio folder is still unecrypted, also exitbrain's encyption is so easy to break...).

So why not WinRAR/WinZIP/7zip SFX archive? Well, you can easily extract them and rip resources out and if you'd use passworded archive, users will have to enter password every time they start game, which defends purpose of encrypted archives.

Executing common event on game over? (VX Ace)

Can someone write little script that would call common event specified by user on game over? Note that gameover and stuff should still be shown, it just should execute common event before game over happen (for whatever reason, including dead in battle, called Show Game Over event command and dying on map from damage floor)?

Easter eggs

Hello, I currently making a list of funniest easter eggs in RM games. Unfortunately don't know of any myself. Can you help me?

Blame Game

Blame game is a game of blaming. You are blaming person who wrote post above yours. Reason can be any.