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Square & Triangle
A game where you play as the titular square and triangle duo and endeavor to destroy the Heart of Darkness.



Square & Triangle Review

Hey, thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Sorry to hear that you weren't a fan of the game.

As for the matter of me completing this game -- I did intend to when I posted that, but then I got busy with some other projects and the likes that have been coming along well. However, this game has always been there in the back of my mind, so an update and/or completion isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility.

The issue with the controls is completely on me and is an issue I've come across with friends playing the game. What happened was that I manually altered the controls when playing the game, and I assumed that it'd keep those settings for others when they play. It did not. I should probably go back and fix this, as I have since acquired a script that allows you to create fixed controls. I may actually do that soon as I don't like the idea of this game remaining up with such a blatant issue.

-- Also, as for calling the game a platformer, I was just kind of struggling where to place the genre. I know that it isn't as fluid as a typical platformer, but I didn't really know what to call it. Maybe I should have gone with Sidescroller or something?

As for the graphics -- this was made in 3 days so I went with a very simplistic style. I had been wanting to make a game with a very simple artstyle in that vein for a while, and I was inspired by stuff like, oh, say, Box Boy, which is the closest comparison that I can think of.

On the matter of the sound -- You are completely wrong on this. My voice is absolutely beautiful. How dare you. Nah, just jesting, haha. The songs that I made were quick loops that I created. I didn't have much time to make music due to the 3-day limit that the game was made in.

At any rate -- my big takeaway from this review is that I should really fix up those controls. I will probably do that sometime in the future so that I can assure that everything works as intended.

EDIT: Apparently I had uploaded an image of my manual configuration of the controls -- so setting it as that should work? Although, you shouldn't have to do that, so I'll still consider updating it soon.

Post your Music

Here is a WIP that I have been working on. It is the theme for a village full of bird-folk. There are going to be two musical tracks for the location. One for the common quarter(this song,) and another for the royal quarter.


Commonplace Book

Alright, then I think I'd like a reroll and I'll make a decision with which to go with.

Commonplace Book

I got my entry! But, I am wondering, how does the reroll work? Like, if I get a reroll, do I have to use it, can I mix both? I can work with what I got, but I'm curious what it would be if I got a reroll and I kinda want one just to see what it is and if it is even better. Otherwise, I'll just go with what I got, lol.

Commonplace Book

I love Lovecraftian things, so I'd like to join! I doubt I'll finish since it is kind of a late start, but . . .

Theme Roulette 4

I would like a reroll~

Theme Roulette 4

I need a theme. I haven't gotten one yet. EDIT: Nevermind, I see that I got one!

Theme Roulette 4

I have signed up! Bring on the themes~

Square & Triangle

Looks very neat! Gonna make sure to sub and follow its development.

Thanks! :D. I will have updates in the future!

Square & Triangle

I look forward to it! :D~
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