Info : Teaser #1, worries about greenlight, copyrights...

Rpg Maker 2.5D or Rpg Maker Engine 2.5D

Info : Teaser #1, worries about greenlight, copyrights...

I doubt adding Maker to your title would cause any copyright infringements, though I tend to agree with Unity, calling it Engine than Maker sounds more appealing.

Update 4 : website incoming, demo contains, and stats beginning

Will a weather system be featured?
And if so, can it be displayed during battles?

What is the preferred screen-resolution? (Higher than 640x480)

Yes, it was a typo.

Thanks everyone with the decision.

What is the preferred screen-resolution? (Higher than 640x480)

Even if I place the calculations of older machines into consideration, after the tablet guide analysis, nothing goes under 1024x640.
As further detailing, only 0.3/10 of those machines are limited to 1024x640 max resolution with the medium being 1280x800.

Which returns the deduction to early suggestion.
Would 1270x720 (or even 1200x700) be considered a safe option?
Also, note, if we apply just to fit those 1% and not the norm, we are not getting the best of what could be offered visually.

What is the preferred screen-resolution? (Higher than 640x480)

I am asking this because I will not give an optional screen-resolution for my game, where the players can choose. This is because today, 2015, everyone should at least have a computer where their graphic's card can display a desktop resolution higher than 800x600. My preferred option would be 1200x700, to give a widescreen effect. But I'm not quite positive.

Because a game is short, does it loses it's prestige?

Alright, thanks everyone.

It takes 3 hours to create a 2 minute cut-scene, where's the fucking logic?

It's true, great results are the effort of investment.
I believe such, I just wish choreographing wasn't such a bloody painful process.

Please, Stop Writing Happy Endings

In my belief, I agree with the article.
Though I also agree with what everyone commented before.
However, with that being said...
I truly believe a story only deserves a happy ending under the conditions of it's hardships.
Where the characters/player are stack against the odds throughout the entire story/game.
And it's not just typically "Writing a bad ending, just to be different." nor do you really need to relate it to real-life accuracy.
Because everywhere in the world isn't full of "no hope" or sad conclusions and miracles do happen, which shaped our history today.
Yet, great morals and good concepts can arise from bad endings, this is a well-known fact.


Haven't found another suitable font for the Anime/Manga theme, but if anyone know
one, give me a shout.
Why not Anime ace 2.0 since it's one of the most used in manga translations?

Thanks, I'll considered it.
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