I'll happily answer any questions you may have about my projects. Drop me a line any time.

I've been developing games passively for many years and have dedicated myself to creating old school RPG experiences for older teens and adults alike.
My main projects are story and character driven games utilizing RPG Maker VX Ace. I also create less serious side projects I with RPG Maker FES.

Soul is a purely artistic project and my only game made with RPG Maker XP.

I usually have several projects being hashed out in notebooks but I will make regular updates about what project I'm currently focused on.

My primary game influences include RPG classics such as Final Fantasy, Breath Of Fire, Phantasy Star, Mother and Dragon Quest.

Finished Games:

Soul - A Game For All And None
When you decide against pursuing academic philosophy your master's thesis becomes a video game.

Current Main Project: Unnamed game, made with RPG Maker VX Ace.

Current Side Project: Untitled, not yet released on the RPG Maker FES network.
A Philosophical Journey




The game is already zipped and compressed to include the other files, which is why you have to unzip it in the first place.

This is the only method I've found that works.
Nothing else circumvented the problem.

I've yet to find a recent Windows computer that didn't come with 7zip, and WinRAR has been free for years.


The Read Me file explains everything. If you follow the instructions the way they are written you should be fine. There is an install program for the missing file.

Otherwise, for the unzipping simply put the file into a blank folder, right click the file and pick Extract Here. Do the same thing to the new file you find in the folder.
This works every time, and I've done it for many people who have had this problem. :)


Let me know if there's anything you want to know about the game. Thank you for your time. :)


Some edits and fixes have been made to the final boss and final dungeon.

If you've already started playing, simply take your save file and put it in the folder with the new version of the game.

Have fun and thanks for giving my game a try. :)
I hope you enjoy it.

How do I change the download file so people can play my full game?


I thought that was the case, but the way I was trying to get to that section of the game profile was through a different route implying the same destination.

Thank you for answering both of my questions.

Uploading a completed game and the download button

I'm guessing if you're waiting on a game to be accepted you cannot make blog posts for it.

I wanted to make another post about the game being finished.

How do I change the download file so people can play my full game?

As much as I love this community, I don't like the awkward layout of the site's options.

My game is finally ready for a public release so I need to change the file the public receives when they download it.

How do I do that?
Where is the option to change the file?


No. In terms of the world it is simply magic.
In terms of the program you have to connect the right floor tiles and you're done.

Bug/Insect Battlers

Microsoft has the widest variety of bugs. :D
Clever joke, and thank you.

Bug/Insect Battlers

I need giant bugs for monsters/battlers in an upcoming dungeon.

Does anyone know where I can get some?
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