Good 2D game engines?

Actually, the newest RPGmaker doesn't have a resolution limit, you can change the resolution to 1080X1920 easily with a script.

MotW: In-Depth Playthrough

So, you really are remaking the game? Well, in that case I'l give my own Two cents:
Personally, the worst part of the game for me was Daydream themselves.
They just felt so out place for the setting.
the electric guitars and stage lights are especially jarring since I don't recall seeing even steampowered machinery in the game, much less electricity powered machinery (aside from Daydream, of course.) I suppose they run on magic?
After the concert, I tried to pretend they never existed, and needless to say, it irritated me when they came back in the finale, since it reminded me that they did.

Things that make combat boring + solutions

There are other ways to balance crowd control, too.
Like giving crowd control abilities cooldowns, or making an enemy immune to crowd control for a set amount of turns after being afflicted by a stun/freeze/whatever.

Then there's also what guild wars 2 does: every major enemy or boss gets several stacks of a buff that makes it immune to crowd control. whenever the enemy gets hit by a crowd control ability, it loses a stack, and once it loses all the stacks, it becomes vulnerable to the next crowd control ability, then it gets all the stacks back after it's hit by one. This will probably require scripting, though.

The simplest option would be to make the boss only resistant to the states, but personally I think this solution is too luck-based.
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