Liberators of Gobagov

Hi, Masake. So sorry I have taken so long to respond. The walkthrough gives you all the steps you need to get through the game.

version 6 will have fixed the bug you are having issues with, although if you are upgrading you will need to exit back out of the sewers and return again. The bug was that the game wasn't resetting the puzzle if you exited the sewers after you flicked switches. This made the puzzle impossible to solve once you returned to have another go at it. This was the problem others were having too. Quite a big bug!

Ready to go this time

So sorry about the delay in getting to you on this. Let me double check this tonight. There is a sign there in the lighthouse that should give you a clue, but I can't recall what it says.

Can't upload game to site

That was indeed the problem. My file size was too big, But I solved the issue. Thanks for your help.

City of the Doomed

Sorry about that everyone. The new file for download should work for you.

Can't upload game to site

That may be it. I'll check the size on it as soon as I can.

Can't upload game to site

Hi, I'm trying to upload a new version of my game but every time it fails with the message:

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
- The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified
- Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem

I am trying to upload a rar file for my game with the installer in it.
Any suggestions? I was able to upload the first version of the game, but haven't been able to succeed with the latest version.

City of the Doomed

I'm sorry you are having an issue. I've tested it on another computer and am having the same problem. Are you able to run other RPG Maker MV games?

City of the Doomed

Game now available for download.


Now that you point it out, yeah, I can see it. :) Can you imagine it as some modern type of architecture that looks like canvas? ha ha.


I like the fences as they are but yeah I now see that snow. ha ha.
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