Composer, looking for some time to kill.
I have been composing for about 10 years now.. off and on.. as a hobby.



RMN Music Pack

man, i wished i had more time, then i spent a whole month with no new song for submission because of school life =="
good job for all who submit great songs :)

I know what you mean, wish I had found this event sooner. But I'm looking forward to future events as well.

RMN Music Pack

what happened? has it been extended again? or are we given time to update our songs?

Post your Music

Songs left out of the RMN Music Pack event.

1. Approaching The One Who Turns Time
This one is a bunch of ideas, all mashed together. Would have needed more time to expand them.

2. Hardest Choice
Almost submitted this one, but still something a bit off, in my mind anyway.

3. Pride And Glory Await
So close to getting this one to where I liked it. But I dont think the bridge would have worked with the Music Pack.

4. Victory Waits Around The Corner

any feedback and criticism would by appreciated

RMN Music Pack

How do we submit changes.. when there's no upload?

RMN Music Pack

damn.. i was gonna submit a few more... but now its Feb 9th >.<

RMN Music Pack

You have until Feb 9th to submit anything
please read the rules, if you haven't done so already.

I have to wonder who will actually read this and respond to it.

please im starving, give me anything

RMN Music Pack

Just uploaded a track i made this morning.. tell me what you guys think...
might have to extended a little.. i was thinking of adding some trumpets


Hobby Composer!

Ahhh, Sounds like a great thing!
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