"Imagine a film critic who refused to watch any movie over 5 years old–no, scratch that. Imagine a film director who refused to adapt any material over 5 years old. The idea that nothing written 6-plus years ago could have anything to say is ludicrous, yet that’s the critical culture videogames have engendered. Modern games are worthy of our time, respect and analysis, while “classic” games are relegated to curio status; if they’re played at all, it’s with a “slumming it” mentality, like an adult binging on YA fantasy fiction. We assume that modern games have taken the best of precious generations while discarding what didn’t work, and that we are sitting atop the evolutionary apex of the medium. Games have never been better–except for next year.




[RM2K3] Is there a patch or plugin that allows one to redefine the expected pixel width of font characters?

Misaos Categories 2018 (nominations now open)

I like them.
I'm not sure if a random voter is able to tell apart "Eye candy" and Best Visual design.

these are great kentona. +2

Yeah, one should be like, "Eye Candy", a clear distinction of most prettiest game.

But another should be like "cinematography" or like, one of those bullshit, art categories, that you think you understand, when you hear it, but you don't?

Like pretentious art award? most pretentious?

I dunno, just something, that's clearly an award for "best art style" but sounds funny when you say it.

like, best persona 5, wannabe or something.

Most Persona award?

I unno

Misaos Categories 2018 (nominations now open)

GotY is the Gold Medal for a lot of folks out there.
Even if it isn't in the whimsical spirit of the Misaos, I still think it's a disservice to the RM community to remove it.

Look, we should just settle this with rock,paper,scissors.

rock, paper, scissors, between Liberty, Dyhalto and Kentona.

Whoever wins, gets to decide the misaos...FOREVER!!!1

...C-chose wisely my friends.

ah!-ooh, I see a rock there Kentona, becareful!

Liberty, how many times have I told you not to run around with scissors!

Dyhalto, d-dyhalto, do you think you can do it? Do you think you can choose paper, in an increasingly paperless world?

These are the real questions...

Final Fantasy Uncanny: Battle at Big Bridge.

Greenlight for a game I'm helping make: Adaeus

Guys, this needs to be on the frontpage under Spotlight: Development or Important!

The only way I found out about this, was while randomly browsering through someone's else twitter account - and I never use twitter.

I was so stoked when Kentona and Clyve were talking about this game back in the RMN chatroom years ago. It's so wicked to see how far this game has come along. Everyone on RMN is gonna feel the same way.

Seriously, this needs to be on the frontpage!

...Like, it may not be an rpgmaker game but, it's made by staff members who've spent a hefty amount of time, managing this site, day in and day out.

Put it on the Front Page!


Lone Star

This is wicked!

So is THIS!!(I love how he holds his hat while running!!!)

Guys, keep your eyes peeled on Hogwash. We got a rpgmaker superstar among us. ;)


Whoa, you still working on this?

Yes, he is!

Shhh! Quiet!

Any sudden movements may startle this ever elusive rpgmaker artist at work!

...So let us gaze quietly at the wonder and beauty that is final fantasy 7 2D!

Seriously though Vanit, dude! this is fucking wicked! So glad you're still working on this!

Give us more updates! PLEASE!


Going, Going, Gone

Kentona is always saying he is running out of ideas of games to spotlight and nobody is coming forth with suggestions.

Rather than waiting for these suggestions to come forward, maybe Kentona should rotate the spotlight reins with another community member.

Someone old, someone new, someone different, someone we haven't already heard from on RMN before, in order to keep RMN's perspective on the community new, fresh and interesting with a fair sense of varied exposure.

A community should enlighten us, a community should enrich us.

There are a variety games being made by users with a variety of tastes everyday single day - there's so much you guys aren't seeing.

If you really loved rpgmaker, you would be actively seeking out these individuals to see what type of stories, ideas and creativity they're bringing to their games, because you really love the craft - you really love rpgmaker - and want to expose others to the different games that are being made with it.

One community member can only know so much.

Going, Going, Gone

Guys, this needs to change, seriously.
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