"Imagine a film critic who refused to watch any movie over 5 years old–no, scratch that. Imagine a film director who refused to adapt any material over 5 years old. The idea that nothing written 6-plus years ago could have anything to say is ludicrous, yet that’s the critical culture videogames have engendered. Modern games are worthy of our time, respect and analysis, while “classic” games are relegated to curio status; if they’re played at all, it’s with a “slumming it” mentality, like an adult binging on YA fantasy fiction. We assume that modern games have taken the best of precious generations while discarding what didn’t work, and that we are sitting atop the evolutionary apex of the medium. Games have never been better–except for next year.



Your favourite PSX Games?

Okay, I’m gonna keep this brief and to the point so I can just get this out there, right now. Post your favorite psx games.

(Later on, I’ll eventually edit this first post and compile all the games you guys mentioned into a master list, with clips I’ll probably refer or upload to youtube with one line write ups that’ll summarize for each game, which means if you wrote it down, I will definitely play through it). But right now, just talk about your favorite psx games. youtube links, pictures, whatever, anything. gogogogo post post POST POST! The more, the better, the more obscure the better

Abe's Exodus
-Bushido Blade,
-Bushido Blade 2
-Brave Fencer Musashi
-Jackie Chan Stunt Master
-Jet Moto
-Tenchu 2
-The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
-Saga Frontier
-Saga Frontier II
-Soul Blade
-Soul Reaver
-Parasite Eve II
-Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider.
-Lunar 2:Eternal Blue

(There’s more but I’m purposely keeping this short, the point is to get everyone talking about Playstation games.)
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