Bug Reports

For some reason I could not learn blue magic from the Antlion no matter how many times I used Study.

Romancing Walker

Royal is the name of one of the System sets. It should be part of the RTP (which is required to play many of the older games). You'll have to do your own search for the RTP as it's a site rule that we cannot post links to it. Google RM2K RTP and you should find it.

(If you already have the 2k RTP installed, it may be that you have a different version. If this is the case you'll probably need to download the other version, too. The thing is that because the game has so many RTP files used in it, just giving you the one file won't do much good as the game will keep asking you for other ones.)

I installed another 2K RTP because it kept on getting the Royal Error every time I read a sign, and now the text won't even show up. It doesn't show up no matter what I install. And The Royal Error keeps happening. What is going on?

Dear RED

So Red killed her mother and her father covered it up by having Anna's father give her amnesia?

Pretty neat game. You have to play through every ending in order to completely understand the backstory.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

Astral Blessing and Anathema.

Anyways yeah, this is a pretty good game. I was able to beat the Rift Dragon without losing a single hp though. Guess Precursors just didn't know how to use their submachine guns.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

This is a really fun game. One question though: the Tech store in Makir sells to techs that none of my characters are able to learn. Is this a bug or is there some way to unlock them?

Also the Orb of Origin still crashes the game even with the Patch.
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