Tears of the Kingdom Ultra Hand Creations

In the new Zelda you can construct a bunch of stuff with Ultra Hand.
And although I have not experimented too much since I've been busy exploring the world I have made a few memorable things.
I made a really terrible unicycle that controlled so badly I only just barely beat an NPC in a race across a canyon. The NPC wasnt trying to race me if your wondering. Anyway it was memorable.
I made a mobile spike barrier with a Shock Emitter attached to shock enemies.
and finally I flung a Korok to its destination with a simple slinging device using that auto balancing thing.
Eventually I want to make a home for link and a giant robot but haven't yet.
What have you made with Ultra Hand?

African Images

Here are some awesome African Images ... maybe. So some time ago, Getty's Images made it free to use some of their images. I'm wanting to test out the feature using the codes they provided. I tried it on Twitter first but tweets are too damn small to fit the code. And Facebook failed me for some unknown reason so I came here to try them. Why is this my 3rd choice when there are so many other social media to try... I don't know, I'm comfortable here. Anyway hopefully you will see a Dogon village in the 1st photo and a Dogon mask in the 2nd photo. If this works, I'll add more images to look at.

As for why I'm trying this, Gettys and some other sites like them, have certain images of Africa that can't be found anywhere else and they are professional photos so it would be nice to use them freely. Not sure if the free ones will remove the annoying watermark but we'll see maybe.

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Well $#!+ that didn't work. You can click the links in the code to see the images but obviously thats not what I was trying to do.

PS. So as not to totally disapoint people who click here's some other Dogon images that will work.

Video game Acapella Music - Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, and more

I recently recruited this talented young woman to sing for a Youtube collaboration and I want to help her music channel grow. Please check out her beautiful music.

RPG Maker Steam Sale and MZ vs MV talk

Just saw that RPG Maker games are on sale on steam and like I've done in the past I'm letting you all know about it.

That said I have a question. Is there a point to buying both MZ and MV as a bundle?

I've been thinking to buy MZ but I see that MV can be bought together, what advantage would that give me?

Frankly I'm still cozy with good old XP but I'm thinking I would like to make games that can be played on phones in the future and I think both MV and MZ can do that, correct?

I was looking around the internet for comparisons between MV and MZ but the posts I found were all years old back when MZ was new. I saw someone say that MV the older one was somehow better for mobile games. I don't get how that could be the case. But for the most part people were saying MZ was better but didn't have as many community made plug-ins or something like that.

(EDIT: I just realized RPG Maker Unite is supposed to come out this year, figured I should mention that. But I have no idea what that one will cost.)

Anyway what are your thoughts?

That thing you want but never get.

What's something you've always wanted but you never buy or are gifted?
For me I have for years wanted a globe, Jenga, and Boggle.
I also want to buy a shit load of wooden beads and wear them around like I'm some kinda RPG character.
There's also, some African books on my list too but I do occasionally buy more African books but for the ones that I want and probably won't ever buy, I have good reason not to buy them. Some of those books are many hundreds of dollars. Education should not be so expensive.
But yeah this post is more so about stuff you can afford but for whatever reason you simply haven't bought.

There might be some other stuff, if I think of others, I'll post them later.

Game Hardware Ideas

What's an idea you have for gaming hardware?

I'd like a controller that has all trigger buttons behind the handles instead of on top which contorts and hurts the hands. A trigger on a gun is way more sensible and ergonomic than a trigger on a game control. I don't see why game manufacturers don't understand that. The Z button on the N64 was in the correct comfortable spot.

On a wackier note, I'd like a 4 pronged controller 2 for the hands and 2 for the feet and you can control a 4 party team simultaneously with it.

[RMXP] Changing Parameters Issue

So in RMXP in the Event Commands there is an option for Change Parameters but it only includes MaxHP, MaxSP, STR, DEX, AGI, and INT.
It does not include ATK, PDEF, MDEF, and EVA.
It seems these 4 can only be manipulated through equipment.
But it would be very useful for me to increase and decrease this through another method.
I see that I can kinda mess with these through Status Effects but those are intended to be temporary and its just not a good method for my purposes.
Is there a way to more directly change ATK, PDEF, MDEF, and EVA for a given character?
Or can I at least increase and decrease the stats of a weapon or armor midgame via an event?

[RMXP] How do I displaty certain number values in text windows?

Can I show number values of Stats and number value of Variables in a Text Window?
For example, say I want an NPC to mention how strong someone is and they litteraly say the STR stat in the Text window.
For another example, say I want to make a mini game with a score system and the score is counted with a variable. I might want that variable score number to be shown in a text window to the player at the end of the mini game to show them the score.

[RMXP] What's the etiquette for using custom scripts in games you wish to sell?

Hello, I've been using RPG Maker for years but have never attempted to sell one of my games. In fact, when I started out I didn't even realize people could sell games they made in RPGMaker. Not sure when I realized you could but anyway, from 2008 to 2014 I amassed a number of free custom graphics and scripts that I found in random websites which were made solely for RPG Maker XP. I was wondering what the code of conduct was for using this stuff in a game I wish to sell. Would I have to track down the people who made these things and ask for permission to use this stuff in a commercial game and pay them for the rights to use said stuff or do people who make free custom stuff for RPG Maker games generally allow creators to use their stuff even in commercial games?

Exploring parts of the game world you weren't meant to get to.

I noticed a bit of a contraindication in my thoughts recently about going out of bounds in games.

In one instance I've been playing Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana which is a wonderful Zelda-esq game and anytime I get the chance to I'll jump around to see if I can reach a spot on the map I shouldn't because although I enjoy the game there is a ton of invisible walls and I can't help but want to explore more and get some extra fun out of the game.

On the other hand I also been playing a game on the Switch called Timothy and the Mysterious Forest. I bought it because it looked like almost exactly like Zelda Link's Awakening but the Timothy game is a huge disappointment and not very fun.
I have gotten beyond the normal game boundaries pretty easily on several occasions. And each time I accomplish that, it just adds to my negative opinion of the game. I think to myself look at this crap game they can't even program walls right.

Its an odd contradiction because if I were able to get out of bounds in Ys, I would probably feel accomplished. And yet when it happens in this other game it annoys me.

I think part of it might be because I expect 2D games to have very solid boundaries and 3D games not so much. So when a 2D game messes it up I judge it more harshly.

But I think the main thing really is just I already disliked the Timothy game so that's why I saw this as a negative.
Whereas getting out of bounds in a game I like seems like fun mischief.

It reminds me though that, in my own RPGmaker game I added a few weird easter eggs in some maps just in case someone found a way to get out of bounds.

So my question is, what do you think about exploring parts of a game map you weren't supposed to get to? Is it a big deal to you if there is some collision errors? And, have you ever put some intentional out of bounds secrets in your games?