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Super Mario Enigmatic
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Mario Prime v. 1.2

Honestly, I dont really like metroidvania type games, but its impressive that this was made with SMBX. Unfortunately all the things I dont like about this genre appear in this game. I had to find all the stars to get anywhere, and this means hours of backtracking and searching thru old areas looking for new areas that open up. Alot of areas lock you from going backward, meaning you had to go thru some areas multiple times even though you already went thru them hours ago. Most of the bosses are very hard. Because they do stuff that catch you by surprise and you have to die and learn how to deal with it. In fact, this game should also be called Cuphead, I think its about the same difficulty. I quit at what I assumed was the final boss, he had too many stages and it wasnt fun to fight him because when your riding the black shell it is impossible to dodge the stuff coming from above, you cant really jump off and its very cramped in there, I don't think its possible to defeat the final boss unless maybe you play perfectly and destroy the jars under the fastest time possible.

Thanks for the comments. Sorry for replying so late. What you described is the final stage of the final boss. You are supposed to stay on the side where the boss is not, as much as possible. When the boss comes to that side, just jump over to the other side.

Super Mario Enigmatic 2 (for SMBX2)

What is the exact error message and when are you getting it?

CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

Thank you again.

CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile


EDIT: Got it to working otherwise, but should still move the "Save to Dropbox" -button. How do I refer to that one? :)

CSS'ing your RMN Game Profile

I'm somehow completely baffled. I would need to move the download button and the "stars" (average reviews) indicator down a little. How would I do that? Tried some margin stuff but it does not work.

Super Mario Enigmatic 2 (for SMBX2)

Supposely im subscribed to this was craving so mario games and come across this again good to see the levels are completed hope this project is still alive do you plan to add onto the game once its a fully release like add in new content like episodes are do you plan to start the sequel to it?

Not sure if I understood you completely right, but yes the project is alive and well, I am in the finishing stages right now and we are going to start beta in two weeks hopefully. The download link will be added once everything is complete. No plans for an expansion or Super Mario Enigmatic 3. Going to try something different for the next episode.

An Enigmatic Daymare

Thanks, Ratty524. I'm already working on the next installment in the series.


Just a quick introduction we put together, don't really use video editing otherwise. :)

Super Mario Enigmatic

3000 downloads, I never dared to dream of this when starting the project.

Thank you, everyone. :)


Not sure which version you played, but I think the puzzle has been made less frustrating since. At least there is no red block to stop you after you have fallen down forcing you to suicide. :)
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