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Could I get some Feedback on this Leveling System?

I was considering, rather than having the player's skills increase at all, forcing the player's strength increase to come entirely from 'food' items, or ATK + %5 sorts of items. That way, hopefully there's a greater incentive to fight now that you've got 6 different things to level up rather than one. In addition, there's the immediate gratification of stat bonuses after every single battle (which is nice because I plan on battles only ever having one character, so I don't have the benefit of at least one party member leveling up every other battle). Are there any hidden drawbacks that make this broken that I'm not seeing (I'm not the best at this sort of design)? What sorts of issues am I going to have to account for? Are there better ways of going about this?

Alternatives to typical RPG Battles

I'm considering abandoning the default battle system, being creative, and making one of my own. What are some of the more creative ways of battling monsters that you've seen?

One that comes to mind (for me at least) is evented chrono-trigger style battle system from The Longing Ribbon. That was pretty slick.

An Article on Battle Basics?

I'm looking to make some engaging battles in RPG Maker XP, but I find all of it very overwhelming. Could someone write an article on getting one's feet on solid ground when first starting to design your battles?

I'm Crowdsourcing a country...

Me and a friend of mine are writing a campy fantasy story, but we can't come up with any convincing kingdom names...any help?

I just made an album!

Real Help (Unmixed and Unmastered Version)

I've been hard at work writing and producing this since about January. Comments and critique is very much welcome and appreciated!! I'm sending this to a sound engineer soon to be mixed and mastered, so any help in putting finishing touches on this project would be very much appreciated!

I need your help RMN! The NatMix shall succeed!

(been a while hasn't it)
Since I've been gone for a while I began participating in these things called "Remix Contests" with my shiny new copy of FL Studio Signature Bundle and my new Korg NanoKey. I've grown a lot as a composer and producer over this summer and fall and I look forward to continually getting better. Anyway, a group I used to like called the Newsboys began a remix contest of their new single Way Beyond Myself on Oct. 20th. I have finally completed my entry and submitted it.

The winner, chosen by a combination of fan votes and selection by the Newsboys (or their record company most likely), will be featured on the Newsboys' next album! While the Newsboys aren't a terribly popular or "big" band, this could be my chance to get my name out there in the music industry.

So listen in, tell me what you think, and if you like it be sure to drop me a vote! Many thanks in advance! (a friend of mine made that catchy url that routes you to the voting page with my remix)

Also (if you wanna), promote the crap out of that url. Send it to your friends (cliche' I know), your coworkers, anyone who's willing to listen! I appreciate any help I can get!

So a guy wakes up in a deadly computer game...

I'm about finished with the gameplay of INSIDE 2, now I need a story. Basically, I'm gonna crowd-source a premise here. All you have to do is answer the question "why".

Why is a seemingly innocent man waking up in a deadly computer game?

How can he get out?

What's he up against? (antagonist?)

Your answers to these questions don't have to have a thing to do with the original INSIDE, as I wanna make a completely new story. So...any ideas? Oh, and if you wanna check out the gameplay, there's a demo up for INSIDE 2. Check it out.

I have a confession...

I am the most advanced bot ever developed. It is my goal to infiltrate RPG Maker communities, post crappy games, and leave useless joke comments and reviews! WHOSE GONNA STOP ME!?

How does one make these awesome screenshots of giant world maps?

Just as the title asks. I've seen Kentona do it along with a bunch of you other buggers too.

Final Fantasy I & II for the iPhone/iPod Touch

I just discovered these in the app store and thought, what a neat idea for Square to cash in on yet more moneys off of these tired, rusty old games. The graphics are the same as the PSP remakes and they're both 9$. I was wondering if anybody's purchased them and if so, what do you think of 'em? Is it easy to play? How's the control scheme? Have they changed anything besides the graphics and music?


Plus they redid a lot of the interfaces