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Looking over your feature plans, it looks like RPG Maker is going to make this game a lot harder to make than it would otherwise be - seeing as there's so much "default" stuff in the way of the suikoden features you want.

I could script all those features you're talking about in Sphere would take a little while but there's nothing too hard there; but I don't know Ruby/RGSS at all; feeling curious now though... *begins downloading RPG Maker VX Ace trial to take a look at how this stuff works*

[RMVX ACE] Need some help with tilesets

At a glance looks like you need an extra layer in that map.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

@grindalf Are you making a Space RPG? Or maybe something like Elite? Or is it a more normal RPG but with multiple worlds? Whichever way it looks like an awesome start - what engine are you working in?

As for what I'm thinking about... Should I add the ability to rotate the camera to my combat engine? (If I do it will be 4 camera angles only as I'm using 4 directional sprites.)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

So I've been working on being able to combine different sprite components and recolour them on the fly with script to avoid needing to pre-prep lots of sprites and then thought... "What if I made an in game interface for this, it could be a cool character creation system"; I have no idea if I will end up using this - and it's got a lot wrong with it, but it works (note screenshots in hide tags as they're kinda large and my attempts to scale down blurred them - I'll find a better method in future:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Other note: I did not make the component images that I'm putting together with this script they're from the Liberated Pixel Cup and are licensed CC-BY-SA 3, full list of artists can be read here: http://gaurav.munjal.us/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/Universal-LPC-spritesheet/AUTHORS.txt

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Nah, that's just how I take screenshots usually. There is going to be a parallax for this particular map (debating if I WANT to do the parallax for this map, all maps, or only for final floors. I don't really have much to put on the walls here, and as for the lake, probably because it's not the right water I'd imagine.

Hmm actually one other thing - I knew something seemed wrong about those walls but I couldn't place what I've just twigged it now on taking another look; the walls look clean/pristine when the rest of the map looks rundown/abandoned - they ought to have some dirt or mess or other sign of brokenness/decay.

(either that or in game it should be mentioned that they're maintained by magic or some dude has been by with a paintbrush)

[RMVX ACE] Looking for a team for Psychological Horror Game!

No guarantees anyone will help you but here a couple of tips to have a higher chance:

1. Post in the right subforum: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/job/

2. Emphasise what you can do and have done already, to persuade people to work with you you need to sell your ability - at the moment the comments on your own ability seem to be hidden away in the middle without any title or emphasis.

3. Write a better summary of the game - the text behind the hide tag has weak grammar and doesn't sound particularly compelling - the game idea may be great but you're not selling it at the moment.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Xenomic: the updated version looks like an improvement except for the slightly odd transparencies - I assume you took the screenshot from the wrong view or something?

Other queries:
-I assume there's going to be parallax of some kind behind the turquoise part at the bottom? Or is it just incomplete?
- the shrine walls look very plain, intentional? or decoration pending?
- the water in the waterfall doesn't seem to match the lake - possibly due to transparency and the layer underneath?
- Where is the water coming from? - to sustain a waterfall either need a river into the lake or a spring underneath the surface which would make the surface ripple

Overall looks pretty nice.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I'm planning how to script a "paper doll" system, I want changing someone's armour to mean them looking different.

I also want to be able to generate new sprites with a couple of lines of code to minimise the long term effort involved in having a large cast.


Brilliant game - feels a bit lacking on closure and I really felt it needed some superbosses or other tougher enemies; maybe the forthcoming DLC will help with these points.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

In some actual dragon quest games the slot probabilities were such that if you played them right you could consistently win.

E.g. in dragon quest V you could get Metal King swords form the casino the first time you got there by playing the slot probabilities, which was kinda crazy.