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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~



Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle


I've been waiting for this!


Dread Behemoth is extremely old and might not be representative of the current state of the game anymore!
I'm truly and honestly trying my best to make something great out of this! There is currently not much I can show since we're transitioning to RMMV, but when we do have something to show, I will do my best to make it drop jaws!

Secret of the Necronomicon

Thanks, Rhyme! I actually forgot about that stamina system until you brought it up. My bad. Do different skills have different stamina costs?

The combo results themselves do not, but the Runes required to perform the combo spells do. Once you cast 3 Runes, the spell is guaranteed!

Secret of the Necronomicon

This is because the second monster you come across can INTERRUPT your cast sequences by simply taking a turn, no matter how fast or how accurately you input the combinations for a spell.

Enemies will never interrupt your Rune casting. Combos will fail if you lack the required Stamina (shown as the number in the brackets next to the rune names), and that is likely the case.

Don't even give the player the option to perform those combos at the start. Your first battle is merely there to teach the player about basic fighting mechanics of "press a button, and you can attack", correct? If that's so, then you don't need to show the additional bells and whistles since it kind of makes the game come across as being more complicated than it really is.

I wanted to remove/hide the combo window for the first 2 battles, but I couldn't figure it out without breaking things ahaha

I'd even restrict some skills to certain levels or something, too. The way it's setup right now is bloated, and at the early stages of the game, you want to make sure the player can master basic actions before moving on to advanced ones, to prevent instances where players feel like they have way too much information at once.

There's a lot of things I wanted to try but couldn't, and one of them was starting the player with 2 chainable Runes, then moving to 3, and then 4. Due to how the combo skills script is coded however, once 2 are input, 3 and onwards will not be accepted, so I ditched it because I wouldn't be able to re-code it to perform as I wanted it to in time.

I do agree that I should've eased the battle system in, but I couldn't do it well enough due to the loss of time I could work on it ;w;
There's a lot of other rough edges I couldn't really fix up as well, such as enemy actions and ability variants. That said, due to the nature of this game I don't think I will revisit the game to improve upon it, but all this will definitely be a consideration if I make a similar system in the future!

A Fancy Little Adventure

That's likely due to my fault:
I did not provide much aid in setting up the project, and I had to be MIA for approximately half the event, which caused me to not respond to any questions Zero3D had about how my first half was made.
It's notably mechanically different from the standard RMVXA project and I think it's due to the lack of explanation I had bundled with my half.

Also, press F5 to full-screen and F6 to resize the window!

Secret of the Necronomicon

the ninja boss uses a magic attack that deals more damage than my maxHP. >.<

He always uses Charge before it
It's a Magic attack

good luck!

Secret of the Necronomicon

I'm really bad with stories though!

Subterranean Starfield

Floor 12 has pitfalls that drop you to Floor 13, but there is also a staircase that moves you from Floor 12 to a special part of Floor 13 where you can move again to Floor 14. If you're falling down a hole, that's not the right way.

Subterranean Starfield

Keep trying! If you have a hard time, try using paper and drawing a map!

Subterranean Starfield

Oh god i didn't expect Moon Shard of all things to cancel out Timeless Blaze. That was definitely an oversight!

b21 onwards do not have Green chests yes.

Also yes, try F5! F6 can also change the window size if you wish to play it windowed in a bigger size