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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~



Subterranean Starfield Review

Thank you very much for the review!

It's been a very long time since making Substar, and I've generally felt the same way about some of the dungeon gimmicks and the Ex Clear mechanic.

I remember when I'd actually be tolerant enough to play through my own game several times but retrying Substar now, I definitely feel the more frustrating side more often (hah).

Encounters were actually score-based, the tile you stepped on would increment an internal score that upon reaching a certain value, triggers a random encounter.
On average you'd have 15-20 steps to get a random encounter, but depending on which region you walk around it could be as low as 5-8 or as high as 30-40 steps.

A lot of the plot was left unfinished, unfortunately. There were plans on making NPCs appear in the dungeon, events triggering when you eat in the cafeteria, and a host of optional bosses with their respective quests (which never made it to the game - a lot was due to my excitement at having a game somewhat finished actually!)

I'm glad you find the game satisfying, however!

Subterranean Starfield Review

Aw yes a review!!!
I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Labyrinth of Penance was basically designed to be as mazey as possible since I had in mind players resorting to either cartographing it themselves or be REALLY good at remembering paths. I am aware though that it's not a lot of players' preference but I really wanted the feel of them "prevailing" over a dungeon, going YES I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO GET THROUGH IT! sort of thing, which I hope will at least get a few players to experience that feeling of victory themselves!

The floor traps aren't actually invisible!

There's a sorta hard to see "crack" on the tile a pitfall is on.
(i know it kinda trivializes that floor's gimmick but eh (´・ω・))

~ alter perfect ~ Review

oh no, it's no longer upside down!
(you should totally keep it upside down though!)

★Witchworks★ Review

Thank you for the review~
If you feel like another run, try it on Normal!
Magia charge rates and health regeneration in Easy is very lenient, so it's pretty quick to spam overdrives!

★Witchworks★ Review


Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

~ candy fangs ~ Review

This surprised me! I thought no one would play this anymore!
Thanks for the review, it sounds like you had fun with it, and I'm glad for that!

Heroes Unite! Review

Yes ;w;

It was pretty much a rush to the contest deadline, and I have to admit I didn't playtest it at all! I'm glad that you enjoyed the beginning though, and the battle system as well.

In any case, thanks for playing and reviewing!

SkYscrapeR Review

:D thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
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