Tear Harvester Rhyme
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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~



★Witchworks★ Review

Thank you for the review~
If you feel like another run, try it on Normal!
Magia charge rates and health regeneration in Easy is very lenient, so it's pretty quick to spam overdrives!

★Witchworks★ Review


Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


If you have downloaded prior to 2014/6/30 (GMT+9), please redownload! New version is up!

~ candy fangs ~ Review

This surprised me! I thought no one would play this anymore!
Thanks for the review, it sounds like you had fun with it, and I'm glad for that!


When artworks are done ;w;


Heroes Unite! Review

Yes ;w;

It was pretty much a rush to the contest deadline, and I have to admit I didn't playtest it at all! I'm glad that you enjoyed the beginning though, and the battle system as well.

In any case, thanks for playing and reviewing!

Maker Gear Rising



For now, it's on a somewhat indefinite hiatus (life and work things can be tough).
N-never fear! I'm gonna make sure it's done!

Feelings About Dungeon Crawlers?

Make a dungeon crawler that WILL piss people off. You know, the ones where you fall into a pit and get devoured by high level enemies, get back to town with barely enough HP and rest in the inn and suffer heavy monetary losses to repair equipment or healing allies. The ones where you underestimate the monsters in the new Floor and they wipe your party out because you weren't paying attention in battle. The ones where there's damage floors everywhere so you have to tread lightly. The ones where the map turns dark and makes it hard to navigate so that you take forever exiting the map.

When a dungeon crawler is light on story it usually means they're leaving the player with their imagination to create their story. The numbers presented by the game is meant to be interpreted by the player, not just as stats, but also as a tale. Whenever I make a character in a dungeon crawler, I enjoy imagining their situations, their reactions when they open a treasure chests, the chats they make in the inn before they rest to their next adventure, the feeling they have when they encounter a difficult obstacle and worked together to clear it, where they learn more about each other and how well they as a party team up so well.

A dungeon crawler party's tale is just bland without some hardships. So if they manage to defeat powerful foes and lived to tell the tale back in town, that would make me happy. My personal opinion on why I like dungeon crawls at least.
and that is why i am a sadist