Tear Harvester Rhyme
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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~




Though I thought it was 'Aquamarine' instead

Space limit :p

Also thanks :D

RMNv4 Feedback

This one is just mildly odd, not much of an actual problem but I think it's worth a look:

(They have something in common, guess what)

What about something like this?

It's just strange for me to see 6/8 of the headers say the same word.
But yeah minor issue, doesn't matter that much.

RMNv4 Feedback

Some layout niggles that are really bothering me...

Excess space isn't particularly nice to look at.
Edit: It works on the Forums part since there's something to fill the space there but the rest is unloved. :<

This one seems to only occur on Google Chrome. Maybe other webkit-based browsers too?

When the window is resized smaller than the width of the column, this happens.

Very difficult to read, especially in some screenshots.
Since it's highlighted white and the font color is white, making either the highlight or the text a darker color would fix it.

Text is not centered vertically.

The subtext is too light. Darken it a little!

This one's more of a personal preference, but the ALL CAPS thing kinda bugs me.

I also somewhat agree with Anaryu.
And just another minor thing, the main column's default color seems too contrasting in my opinion.

Omg I posted!


Oh my :<

There seems to be a few issues regarding starting up the game.
I can't reproduce the problems though, can you PM the details?


I'm getting the "can't find RTP" message even when the game folder is in the same folder as the RTP. Am I missing something obvious?

Garden requires the VX RTP to be installed, if you have it installed it should work without any problems, regardless of what folder it is in.

As a side note, I should probably update the download with a standalone release~

Ill Will

I really can't bring myself to put the finishing touches on this. I've been trying to make myself come back to it and it's not working.

How about this: I give the game one last play and then put it up. It won't be perfect, and it won't be as good as it could be, but it would be released and out of my hair.


Is healing charge fixed!? :|


it's surreal


Hello I'm new here



when I go into 'Equip' on the menu, I still can't work out how to select Loke; the only person who shows up is Elle, and no matter how I move the arrow keys, or even clicking with the mouse, Loke never comes up. What am I doing wrong?

Loke's equipment is not supposed to be changeable, haha, sorry!


1) The hooded guy who then becomes a young'ish looking man after the first boss-style fight - when I select the join us option he replies "Sure, thanks for letting me join you", but he doesn't. Is that supposed to be the case?

Unfortunately yes :(
I seem to have forgotten to fix that part! Thanks for telling me!

2) I can't use the skill 'Recover' from the menu, which seems odd.

Release 2 should have fixed it... I will take another look.

3) Although the headband in the shop shows up as a better piece of equipment for Loche, I can't select her for 'equip' in the menu. Am I stuck with her initial equipment throughout?

Sorry, haha. http://rpgmaker.net/games/3009/blog/5327/?post=286565#post286565
This one too, http://rpgmaker.net/games/3009/blog/5327/?post=286716#post286716

4) Seems weird that the only weapon on offer in the shop is one which neither character can equip and apart from the headband, nothing is of any benefit - unless it's for the guy who doesn't join, of course.

Question 3!

Thanks for playing! :D
(and sorry for the inconvenience)