Tear Harvester Rhyme
you saw my profile

now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~




Just game music, since the music data is coded within the game.


Yes, it did!


From now on, I'm uploading png quality screenshots! :D

Release 2 of Garden

This file should be replaced in the /Data/ folder to be able to beat Nivenreis. I shouldn't be this careless! :(

Release 2 of Garden

I recently found out that the newly-sold equipment cannot be used.
Replace this file in the /Data/ folder for the fix!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

What is the save data called?


It's in the game folder.

Better than Paint

Ohh yeah! I almost forgot about GIMP! It's free, and all you have to do is Google It!
Well, maybe. I don't think it has a Color Wheel.

GIMP is pretty cool. I use it for literally every graphical thing that I need to do. It can be a bit difficult to learn if you're used to Photoshop or other programs since it has a pretty different workflow.

As a side note, if you also draw digitally, there's a fork of GIMP that helps significantly.

Where can I find Melody?

You're welcome! and I think Yanfly's a him.

Where can I find Melody?

It might not be the latest though. (1.00m)

Let's Draw! A character!

I'd like to participate!