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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
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[RMVX ACE] The case for 'Luck'

How many of you rename Luck to another stat in your projects? (And repurpose it?)

The Power of 5% ~ Percentage Intervals

@Rhyme: Out of boredom, I'm going to calculate how much critical bonus the game must have for your two example swords to have identical DPS/DPT.

Sword A: 100*78+100*x*22
Sword B: 99*76+99*x*24

7800+2200x = 7501+2376x | -7501; -2200x
299 = 176x | :176
x = 1,6988636363... (infinite string of 63)

A: 22(100 × 2) + 78(100) = 12200
B: 24(99 × 2) + 76(99) = 12276

B wins by 0.6%

The Power of 5% ~ Percentage Intervals

I think percentage increments can be decided upon depending on how easy it is to stack them. It matters a lot more for rate-based parameters such as hit, eva, cri, and hp/mp/tp regen in general since they have a hard cap of 100%; 2% is a pretty big chunk of 100% especially if you can equip 5 items that increase eva by 2%, and additionally have skills/buffs that increase eva even further by certain values. Preventing the player from getting an easy high evasion/whatever parameter and cheesing the game of course can be done by different ways, but when a game's mechanics allow exceedingly high amounts of customization and granularity, trading off pretty 5% increments for a smaller value in order to preserve the customizability is more than a sensible decision!

The other aspect is having near irrelevant choices such as having both Sword A, which has a 22% critical chance and has 100 ATK, and Sword B which has a 24% critical chance and has 99 ATK. It really doesn't matter which you choose if you're just concerned with completing the game, but it does give the player several things to consider:
1) While having marginal differences when compared side by side, said equip/skill may have a more noticeable effect depending on the person equipping it (ex: A Rogue with an ability that increases critical damage will prefer Sword B, while a Warrior that has skills scaling off ATK will prefer Sword A)
2) Rare (dungeon found? enemy drop?) equipment that may be similar to the equipment in the next town, so that while they're essentially the same, there's just the small difference there to make the player feel a bit more special about it.
3) Letting the player choose which pretty icon they want on the equip menu
4) getting tryhards to nerd out on game math

i'm also an oddball and love prime/odd/difficult to divide numbers so i stick 7%s and 13%s and 19%s randomly in certain skills and stuff.

Hidden Mechanics

Thank you for all the replies!
As clarification, I don't necessarily refer to how the numbers get to be or calculation when it comes to hidden mechanics.

I'd tell the player that the Attack stat affects critical damage, but they don't need to know exactly how Attack affects it, even more so when the Critical Damage derived parameter is directly shown in a status screen. I'd tell the player Luck decreases damage variance, but do not feel the need to tell them that damage variance itself starts from the difference between the target and subject's Luck parameters.

However, what about presenting hidden mechanics that are generally regarded as "too tryhard" to tell to the average player? Things that as a developer, I'm aware that the player doesn't need to know, but I want them to know.
Pokemon has a lot: it's IV/EV system, happiness, STAB(actually, was this ever informed to the player? I don't have a good memory), and attack priorities among other things.
In it's defense, Pokemon does have some vague hints that tell you about the above hidden mechanics by talking to certain NPCs, but nevertheless it stays pretty obscure unless you look it up online.

Whether presenting all the extra mechanics to the player is a good idea or not is definitely also a concern depending on the game design though!

e: I guess to an extent, it could also be interpreted as "how obscure or clear-cut should the mechanics be explained to the player?"

Hidden Mechanics

Do you tell the player everything that goes on behind your game?

What determines which game mechanic is to be presented and which to hide?

Due to the nature of the hidden mechanics themselves and partially due to my aversion of trying to include walls of text in the tutorial, they tend to never get noticed and not many players take advantage of it. When they do notice it, sometimes it gets disregarded as a coincidence.
It's always something I've been wondering how to deal with well, without over-introducing all sorts of un-necessary mechanics that may or may not be important but might help the player progress easier if they are aware and can take advantage of.

Stick hints in NPC dialogue and/or examinable objects?
A loading screen/menu screen that pops up random hints ever so often?
Game over screen providing a hint that is relevant to how the player lost?

Oh, and if you feel like sharing, do share what sort of hidden mechanics you have in your games!

Giving an enemy random HP, good or bad?

Does the monsters with more HP look pretty much the same to the ones with less HP?

There should be some indicator that a monster is slightly stronger than usual (bigger sprite? different or prefixed name? slightly different color? different animations? a glowy aura?) whatever it is, the player will know and expect that the enemy is different.

It's betraying the player's trust by presenting what seems to be the same thing but is actually different - no matter how small the difference. Not everything needs to be explained, but when something that looks identical to something else acts differently, you should expect confusion from the players.

RPG Maker MV announced for PC and MAC

I wonder... if dialogue could actually be edited somehow through element inspection, but i'd wager inspection is as much as can be done. I highly doubt it's possible to change dialogue in the live demo or someone would have found a way to already.

It isn't. Data is stored in a completely different format (readable only to RMMV?) so we can't edit it.

McBacon Jam (2?) post mortem

Real life just bulldozed our entire plan and time to work on it.
We actually have a game profile sent to the submissions queue like 3 hours before the deadline but I didn't have the stamina to stay awake any longer unfortunately!

I had a lot of fun with my team though, and we ended up making something that I think looks incredible in comparison to all my other projects. It's just a shame that throughout the event I've gotten my free time nibbled away by real life issues (bank payment, flight sorting, TGS, etc) so I couldn't devote more time to actually working on it.

We're going to continue working on our game, and one day finish it for sure, though!

how do you make a traditional rpg

What exactly IS a traditional RPG?

Dealing with Poison

In my games, bosses have a special tag that will cause any percentile HP damage or healing to be scaled down - for Substar and Lunatic Dream specifically, it's 3.5% of the boss's actual HP value (10% damage per turn would translate to 0.35% damage per turn instead - this also applies to HP regen states!)
While it does make the actual damage-over-time effect much less effective on it's own, the skills are designed to take advantage of status effects can benefit from it, and the status effects themselves usually apply an additional, minor debuff in addition to it's main effect.

Damage-over-time effects are also elemental - you can have a resistance, weakness, or even absorb the damage from a damage-over-time status effect. That also lets me give players skill that increase/immunize damage from status effects and status effect-inflicting skills, and skills that reduce the resistance of status effects on enemies (allowing status effects to be inflicted easier and increases the damage done from status effects)!

author=Skie Fortress
I think poison would become better balanced if the damage was given an algorithm like a normal attack or a skill. Flat percentages are impossible to balance and will wreck bosses unchecked, but if poison did DOT with an algorithm, then it could easily be used against bosses without too much worry.

I don't think I've seen this done, but I'm sure it's possible.
I do it!