Tear Harvester Rhyme
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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~



Real Social Issues in Videogames

No. (P3/4 are mundane issues heightened to awkwardly dramatic extremes, so as to make "I can't cook" stretch for ten chapters. P4 is a terrible example of just about anything except all of Kanji's outfits being hot (and Kanji's "amigay?" storyline is pretty bad too, yes).)

:< I thought Death/Hierophant of P4 was interesting

Stolen resource in Elirium Faith - An Announcement

Unless kevinds wasn't aware of the source, I don't see how he can "explain" plagiarism.
(Considering the gameprofile was removed, I think he is aware.)

RPG maker VX Ace...why...why did enterbrain make it slip out of my hands?

Just a ox168 resolution difference, so why can't the programs work?

168 pixels is a large difference.

The resolution isn't enough to fit everything in the Database and/or the Script Editor. Though I did notice that the database isn't actually at 768, but at 692 pixels height (without factoring window borders). With 600, you won't be able to access some database buttons and so forth.

Leaving this site......

(I give you credit for the creative topic title)
Welcome to RMN :D!

Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

You can mix up LockeZ and TehGuy if you don't read what they post now.
Anyone who has experienced crashes/errors in Lunatic Dream, if it's no trouble, can you PM me the details? Thank you!

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Can I marry Ace? The new tiles are beautiful...

The Screenshot Topic Returns

tip: click on the screenshot!

Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

"The End is Near" seems to require the RM2K3 RTP to work.

I went ahead and just fixed the RTP dependency myself. Now you guys can judge it for reals, I guess. Seems unfair to the person who made it to disqualify them just because they forgot to set the three vehicles to blank sprites.
If you were having trouble opening it before, you can download the fixed version here.
The end is now a little bit nearer.

I still get "No se puede abrir el archivo system?A " when attempting to open it. :(

Boss Battle Design Contest - Knowledge is Power

LockeZ I have sent a revised submission but it seems you have not read it! Please? :<

Free Action Burst Battle System (FAB/BS Discussion)

I've just thought of another thing that will make or break your game: gradually introducing the player to all those features.

Very very much. Like Archeia said, Lunatic Dream very similar in some aspects, and many of the feedback tells me that it is difficult for a player to get used to when he/she just started. It helps when you have an intuitive design to make it more natural for the player to understand.