Victor animated battler troubles

Take out the Adela Squire 1 definition - you don't need it.

If you've otherwise not changed any settings, call the file Adela Squire 1.png and it should work fine.

Edit: Thanks for the reply, I read up a little more and I found a solution. I'm using the anim] sprite suffix now which info on it can be found here.
So now I've set the single sprite the one it calls on in battle, then it will use the anim] sheet to do all the animations in battle.

Ohhh i see in your message you put the anim with brackets but they don't show up on the forum hahahah, well that was the solution you we're right :)

Thanks again for the reply i really appreciate it.

Victor animated battler troubles

I'll upload some pictures of the issues I'm having, basically I've set it up to use a sprite sheet with the battler, but when i go into battle its just the sprite sheet itself instead of an animated battler, I'm using the holder sprites as a place holder till i create my own but any help is appreciate with this. I've also tried removing all the scripts except victor script actor battlers and animated battles, that didn't do anything either.

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