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Super Coolstory Bros.

How do you even get past the insert save disk part of this game?
Just use arrow keys to move and <Z> or <SPACE> to drag the disk.
Yeah, i can see why it may be confusing, my bad, sorry for that.

Chain Reaction (BETA 1.3)

I don't know other languages than Ruby, but I think I should learn other ones someday.
I'm not a professional programmer/scriptwriter, so that's why I'm hesitant to jumping on something else.
...But to be honest I'm scripting most of my games from scratch in RPG Maker (and getting rid of the default ones), so that wouldn't be a big issue, though I'd have problems with things related to system ~ such as dealing with files or making the game window (resolution etc.) and make it all run properly. ~ But if not that, then I'd gladly program from scratch if that would allow me to improve performance and general layout~.
Basically I'd just need the Ruby's Library and the system configuration that would allow me to manage files and make the game run. RPG Maker is a fun program, but it's not powerful enough like their tagline say. It is heavily limited and its performance even worse. (Sorry for complaining, but the software blocked many of my ideas and lacks of many simple functions, hence that opinion)

Currently I'm making a sidescroller platformer shooter in RPG Maker, so there's even more science than that game (Chain Reaction).
So far it goes nicely ~

Chain Reaction (BETA 1.3)

That's true~

I've made few games in RPG Maker ~ so far all of them were actually not RPG's ~ I'm making them in RPG Maker only because I'm familiar with this software. Besides this ~ I don't know what software would be best for me and most likely I couldn't afford that anyway. =/

Chain Reaction (BETA 1.3)

Why, thank you! ^^
I'm really glad you liked it! (=

Regarding the performance drops ~ Yes, I'm aware of this and that cannot be fixed, because that's how weak RMVXAce is. As you noticed, the game slows down during the chain reaction - that's because the software calculates stuff pretty slowly. I'm definitely pushing this software to its limits and these are the results. I really wish I could do something there.

... I guess I shouldn't be making non-RPG games in RPG Maker. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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