Game designer hopeful. Have designed several tabletop RPGs, and have long wanted to start into the video game space.

My focus when designing is to create challenging experiences that force the player to make difficult choices, and change the paradigm when someone thinks of an RPG.
Binding Wyrds
A modern fantasy game, delving into the shadows of the supernatural.



Crafting in Games

Personally, I think crafting systems are at their best when its a way to improve player choice. If you have X, Y, and Z materials, which can craft A, B, or C, and you find A and B, it lets you craft C. Its a great way to include random drops, but also include methods to reduce the randomness.

I play a lot of Granblue Fantasy, and while they aren't pure 'crafting' systems, they follow the same concepts for a lot of things, turning various items into upgrades or items from events. If you need a new earth summon, you can turn the event items in for the event summon, but if you don't, you can turn them in for character upgrade items, or exp items, or skill ups, etc. The only difference between that and a crafting system is there's no 'hammering item into new thing'.

[RMVX ACE] Detecting Death of an Actor

Thanks, so just to clarify: The difference between autorun and parallel is that autorun goes over top of everything else (so for example, displaying a message as soon as the map is loaded or when a trigger is hit), while parallel doesn't stop gameplay until something requires player input, like a text or choice?

[RMVX ACE] Detecting Death of an Actor

That looks right to my lacking knowledge of Ruby, I'm assuming it would be a script call inside an event that detected someone had died for best results, correct?

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I agree with pretty much everything said in your post, though right now given that perma-death is not implemented, and all recruitables are available at start in this point in development, it would be improper to include it in the tags. I fully plan to have that be highlighted as a key part along with other major choices.

Copyright laws

Even then, you'd still have to distance it quite a bit further. At least with only the context of the art, there's no parody really.

If you had a story about a reptilian king who has to hunt down the drug addled foreigner from another land who keeps crushing his citizens under his boots under the auspices of rescuing your wife from you, a marriage which was intended to unify your kingdoms and bring everlasting peace, -that- would be a parody.

Edit: Most important to remember, fair use is an affirmative defense, meaning that the burden of proving it does not violate copyright is on you. Its not a magic get out of jail card. Even if it is fair use, you'd have to prove it in a court when they sued you.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Considering that a major design decision going in is that you will never be able to get all the characters in one run, nor be able to complete every character's story in one run, given some require the death of other characters, missable recruitables are kind of a required buy in.

Feel free to randomly pick things I mention and declare that should be a glaring warning at the top of my game profile though, because noone should play a game with a mechanic you find objectionable.

Copyright laws

Fangames are like the schrodinger's cat of games. If you make one, and noone plays it, no takedown, but why did you bother. If you make one, and its really good and popular, you get a takedown notice, and lose all your hard work.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Working on:
A) My most complex mission yet, requiring timers and areas that lock off after the player has been there too long (Burning school deal) with rooms containing supplies, enemies, and recruitable characters that can be lost forever.

B) A more complicated than usual character, with a mechanic to start a clock, and the closer it is to noon, the more damage they do/their abilities do. Additional abilities to advance, stop/slow the clock, and character death on reaching noon if they don't control it right. First character that I think will need a tutorial book in the hub for them.

Copyright laws

Not just screwy, some companies outright abuse copyright law to takedown videos that fall squarely under fair use to improve their search results (*coughnintendocoughsegacough*).

[RMVX ACE] Detecting Death of an Actor

Yeah, aiming for all the actor recruited/dead variables to be in one large block, and the action for this particular event will just be to set the variable for that actor to 2 (0 being non-recruited, 1 being recruited, 2 being dead). I figured there was some way to call the actor's ID as a value, and then add a set amount to it to get to the right spot in the variable block, but wasn't sure the exact way to call it in VXACE.

My headcode for it was something like:

A = actor_id
A = A+20 (to reach the right variable block wherever it is)
variable(A) = 3

Just not sure how to specify actors triggering the state in ruby, and the exact callouts.