Game designer hopeful. Have designed several tabletop RPGs, and have long wanted to start into the video game space.

My focus when designing is to create challenging experiences that force the player to make difficult choices, and change the paradigm when someone thinks of an RPG.
Binding Wyrds
A modern fantasy game, delving into the shadows of the supernatural.


Thoughts: Perma-death in a game?

I am currently designing an RPG that on the surface will seem more like a tactical game or strategy game. While individual missions will be on a map with scripted encounters, the player will choose missions from a tactical screen, and position characters they aren't using to watch over other locations (Yes, I already know I can do this with the right scripting and events). The key I am aiming for though, is a low stats setup, tight stat control, low level max, a large cast...and perma-death. In that if your character hits 0 HP, they have some final words, you get a very bloody animation of their sprite biting it, and at the end of the mission, they're put on a memorial wall. I also plan to include some events and character interactions that can result in the death of a character.

What are the communities thoughts? Do you think players will be ok with perma-death in a JRPG, especially if saves are limited heavily to prevent save scumming? I know it'll take very precise honing of combat to feel fair, and already feel damn comfortable with the system I've adjusted it to.
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