My aim is fame!

Yo! I am Rixel. I am into manga, hardcore metal music, ganja, role playing, and action RPG video games! I am a pretty decent writer with a few book ideas and I've always wanted to put "game designer" under my belt. I am currently working on a project set in my world "Legends", the mini title of the game is L:BoW and I plan to use VX Ace to make it. I also have a book-in-the-making also set in my "Legends" world called Legends: The Story of Jack Evans located on my deviantArt account which you can find a link to bellow!
My forte is Action, Adventure, Horror, Tragedy, Psychological, and I'm not to shabby at romance. I own my own role playing chat room if any of you might be interested: http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/LegendsofRPs
I also am not to bad at sprite making though I am more of an editor of them (not just recoloring cus that'd be lame, I can edit say a jacket from closed to open) and I am a fast learner.
Feel free to message me if you would like to hook up for a project!
I am currently looking for a mapper!!



The Last King of Hyrule

Thanks for letting me know! I read in the page here that it's all to be discussed at a later time so I assumed it hadn't been done yet.
I am not much of a mapper and actually find it very tedious, however boss making is something I can do!! That and planning out battles! I'll start work on sprites and ideas for the battles to go here soon!

The Last King of Hyrule

Hey, so where might we go if we want to help story wise? I am not much of a mapper but LoZ is a pretty great game series and I'd love to help out writing the story for it.


I've gotta say I'm really looking forward to this, the realistic features included I feel is going to break the RPG standard in so many ways. And more than that, the dark atmosphere, I'm gonna have to get this.

Two things I'd like to say: How about random encounters? This game will be my new favorite if there aren't any and you can see the enemies you're gonna fight on screen before getting into battle. I hate random encounters!
Second, what about armor? Does that give you a GP that will never go away-- but also cannot be used for attacks? I guess this is turning into more of a suggestion than a question, here's my thought; A person's defense, or, Guard is increased by equipping armor. Unless it breaks (not saying to incorporate breaking armor) it is always there to raise defense.
So here's how I'm thinking this would work in this game: Part of the bar at the end of it is Yellow to signify Armor, the Armor cannot be used to do attacks that cost GP, all it acts is as a defense against attacks. If an attack is higher than the Armor it will bleed through into the HP, if it is not then it acts as a perfect defense against it (or maybe one or two point can still bleed through, your call.) This is merely a suggestion, feel free to write me off as an excited new fan because that's just what I am and I look forward to this game with or without my suggestion-- and that's all it is, a suggestion.

In Search of Immortality

I plan to do a Let's Play and Video Review of this game!
I'll post the link here later, probably next week.
If the creators are interested, I'd love to do an interview!

Pokémon: Uncensored Edition

Haha, this sounds pretty interesting. Subbed!!

RPG Maker Chatroom (no download!)

This topic is kinda null and void at this point ^^; if a mod could delete that'd be great (or someone direct me to the delete button as I can't seem to find it)

RPG Maker Chatroom (no download!)

author=Yellow Magic
I assumed the chat was down as I hadn't been able to join ^^; I guess I'll try again. Sorry for this topic if it does work.

EDIT: So I figured I HAD to download one of the things listed to join and did so. I am currently in the chat and I WOULD say to just delete this, however I think a lot of people would rather just be able to join a site rather than download a new program entirely to chat. Not to mention no one is on in the chat >_>
If it's all the same with you guys I'd like to keep it up, maybe people will join, maybe they won't. If you would rather this topic be deleted there isn't much I can do about it.

EDIT 2: Nevermind on there not being people in it, I didn't change servers. Either way, my point on having to download a new program to join still stands and everything else I noted in the first edit.

RPG Maker Chatroom (no download!)

Yo! So I know there have been multiple attempts at a chat room for this kind of thing and most if not all have failed. However, I've found myself wanting to talk to both people that play the RPG Maker games and make them. So why not give it a try? Some of you may think it's a bad idea and not join because of it, and that's completely acceptable. However I myself have had previous chat owning experience and like to imagine I can make it work and hope you don't look at this chat with your previous experiences with them.

Things to know:
-Link: http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/TheRPGMakers
-It is hosted on deviantARt.com (dA)
-If you are not familiar with dA then you should know you will need to make an account to join. The process is fast and simple and you may find a use for dA and all of it other non-chat related capabilities.
-The chat room is NOT affiliated with RMN or any other game making website, however if RMN is interested I would be more than happy to affiliate it and no matter what I plan to show off things about RMN in the chat (such as the site itself, games, events, etc.) assuming RMN has no quarrels with this.
-That's about it! I hope to see you all there soon!

Kryberia - Part 1 Review

Wow, you didn't like the battles? I understand what you're saying with the levels though - they probably should heal you when you level up. Also from what you wrote, it doesn't seem like you missed much the demo pretty much ends right after the boss battle. I also agree there should be more chests, though the boss is VERY easy if you take the time to figure out what's happening. Two deaths and that was all it took for me to beat him, and I ran away from a majority of the later battles (I was running out of time!) and I didn't have anymore items left.

Nice review, dude!

Thanks! And yeah, the battles seemed so... forced. I really did enjoy the story though, I feel like there is just so much more to it.
Also, I checked out your review, much better than mine (I must learn this art of screen capping! Makes the reviews look a lot better XD... not to say yours was better simply for the screen caps... you get my point :P)

On another side note, wow this reply is late XD I didn't notice anyone posted a comment on here. Yenyway, I accept defeat on the bounty a little bit ago.

P.S Summoned. Freaking. Skull. I laughed so hard it hurt XD


That's.... so.... closed in.....
Bit of advice, spread your shops out, the convenience of having all the shops together can be nice but the way it looks is so dull. Spread the shops out and place other eye-catchers around, something for the player to get distracted by and feel more enveloped in the game.
Just a random person's two cents ^^