My aim is fame!

Yo! I am Rixel. I am into manga, hardcore metal music, ganja, role playing, and action RPG video games! I am a pretty decent writer with a few book ideas and I've always wanted to put "game designer" under my belt. I am currently working on a project set in my world "Legends", the mini title of the game is L:BoW and I plan to use VX Ace to make it. I also have a book-in-the-making also set in my "Legends" world called Legends: The Story of Jack Evans located on my deviantArt account which you can find a link to bellow!
My forte is Action, Adventure, Horror, Tragedy, Psychological, and I'm not to shabby at romance. I own my own role playing chat room if any of you might be interested: http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/LegendsofRPs
I also am not to bad at sprite making though I am more of an editor of them (not just recoloring cus that'd be lame, I can edit say a jacket from closed to open) and I am a fast learner.
Feel free to message me if you would like to hook up for a project!
I am currently looking for a mapper!!