My aim is fame!

Yo! I am Rixel. I am into manga, hardcore metal music, ganja, role playing, and action RPG video games! I am a pretty decent writer with a few book ideas and I've always wanted to put "game designer" under my belt. I am currently working on a project set in my world "Legends", the mini title of the game is L:BoW and I plan to use VX Ace to make it. I also have a book-in-the-making also set in my "Legends" world called Legends: The Story of Jack Evans located on my deviantArt account which you can find a link to bellow!
My forte is Action, Adventure, Horror, Tragedy, Psychological, and I'm not to shabby at romance. I own my own role playing chat room if any of you might be interested: http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/LegendsofRPs
I also am not to bad at sprite making though I am more of an editor of them (not just recoloring cus that'd be lame, I can edit say a jacket from closed to open) and I am a fast learner.
Feel free to message me if you would like to hook up for a project!
I am currently looking for a mapper!!



One Weapon VS Lots of Weapons & Encounters

/me is so late to this discussion but wants to talk anyway

I find LockeZ's idea epic on having to gain certain items to create components to level up your weapons. I've always found that if both of these systems (multiple weapons and the ability to level up weapons) to be, in lack of better words, annoying as hell. I would work and work and work to level up my weapon I have now and would'ya look at that! It's the new weapon that's weaker than the one I have now! But guess what, if I level that other one up it'll be stronger than my now weapon.
A system like that puts you one step forward and two steps back in the sense of getting a stronger weapon, however you completely jumped that obstacle by having only one weapon and many components to level it up. This alone is enough to remove regular leveling, and if you have a full set (weapon, body, head, and legs... with possible multiple accessories to more define what role the play wants each character... I'll define that better in a minute) then that adds more things to level up and the sense of achievement nhubi brought up is still there when the player levels up one of their items. It allows for more things to be leveled as you go and can even create a greater sense of achievement if you ask me.
As said before about the accessories, perhaps that could be what players can go and buy? Let's say you make every accessory some sort of stat booster (atk, def, mag, ect) the player would place the accessory of a def+ to their tank (lots of HP) and mag+ to their caster (uses lots of magic) and so on and so forth. This is just a thought on how to allow the player to boost their character in the way that they want to boost them.

As for the encounter system I think you have a good idea. Random encounters are rather dull and can become a nuisance VERY quickly. By allowing the player to go through dungeons and, as Professor_Ruffleberg said, keeping them tied into the story would keep the player entertained and not feel like they are grinding. Grinding, to me at least, makes me feel less like I am going through a story and even a step down from playing an actual game. Grinding is boring.

All in all I think you have some nice ideas and I think by taking in at least the consideration of the comments before me the game play will be great :)

Games with unique battles and good long stories

@ Zeraf
beat'em all

@ LockeZ
I Miss the Sunrise? Alright for sure, I'll check it out, thanks :D And I think you're right :I I mean, I've seen more than a few that had some nice stories and an interesting take on the battle system but one or both weren't executed properly :I

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention Review

@ Sailerius
Yup! Just gotta finish Act II+ when I get done obsessing over working on my own game XD I also plan to redo this review a bit cuz it was 2 in the morning when I wrote that @_@

@ Obsorber
Actually that was a typo :I meant 2.9 it was sevearly glitchy especially with the counter and dodge sets :I Like I told sailerius I plan to redo this review a bit

@ Karsuman
Wow o_o we disagree on pretty much everyone XD Just brings more meaning to your saying there "to each his own" (always loved that saying). And honestly I am not very picky about maps, it's just *twitch* so... much... repetitive... I hate doing the same thing twice, lead alone three and a half times.
The characters, to me, seemed rather real, to be completely honest yes they were a little on the extreme level (seri being all that is good and nice in the world and Zaquris being the ultimate stiff and quiet dude) but nonetheless I really like the characters and the story pace. I will say it was a tad rushed but I blame that more on the mapping, though things like pushing the player into a random island with the main character not even knowing what's up is a bit much.

@ All of you
I can think more when I am awake... my review doesn't quite even meet my standards when reading it while fully awake and so I will tune it up... tomorrow... and when I figure out how to edit it :I

Legends: The Story of Jack Evans (Book)

Yo! I'm just looking for some people to check out a book I am writing.
To see if you like it I'll give you a little detail on it:
Genera: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gore
Short Description: The year 2127, advances have him made in technology, one main religion brought by a powerful man able to bend the elements threatens the long lived peace of the Kingdom of Yuuyake. A young boy at the age of ten (and before you go away this is a story of his life, ends with him being 25 so... not about some punk little kid :P) is thrown into jail being deemed a "Satanist" against the Holy Land and is to be executed. Making his escape as he learns of his unique power, Jack Evans will learn what this world is like on both sides of the war.
(Please note this isn't an avatar thing, the people fighting for the holy land can use one of the four element, yes, though the kingdom of yuuyake have... in short different powers. All is explained in the prologue)

This is a work in progress with only the prologue and chapter one completed, based off one of my characters from an RP group I made.

Prologue: http://rixel96.deviantart.com/art/Legends-The-Story-of-Jack-Evans-Prologue-364147111?q=gallery%3Arixel96&qo=3

Chapter One: http://rixel96.deviantart.com/art/Legends-The-Story-of-Jack-Evans-Ch-1-364156484?q=gallery%3ARixel96%20in%3Aliterature&qo=2

Role play chat room it was based on: http://chat.deviantart.com/chat/LegendsofRPs

I am looking for feedback and... well in short, fame XD
Thanks for checking this out and I can't wait to see what you guys think! :D

Games with unique battles and good long stories

Yo! So I've been doing some digging for a new RPG Maker game to play. I am wanting one that has a unique battle system, something you don't find everyday (or at least doesn't fall into the default battle system of the program). It can still be turn based and all, just some sort of spin on the average, know what I mean?
Also I am looking for it to be a good quality story, first and foremost really. Doesn't need to be super long, 8 hours and above but don't be afraid to post shorter ones. I am looking for a game I can really get into for a while.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated :D

Legend of Vanadia

So... There's a let's try of it but no download? Can anyone point me in the direction of one? Even if it is a demo... unless this game has been abandoned.

I'm a writer!

well, I have to add that I checked 2 times since my brain didn't wanted to remember who was the one that started the post XD today is not my day. Welcome Rixel :) hope you like it here.

XD Thanks.

I'm a writer!

Hey there Animus Prime hope you like the community :) I'm a... mexican is the way people recognize me in here I think hahahaha.

Erm... I'm the one who started the post here XD Unless you were just saying hi to animus e3e

I'm a writer!

Hiya, Rixel! Welcome to RMN. It's nice to have another cool dude here, and good news is there's an abundance of them here already. Be sure to read the "New to RMN?" article!


Thanks, I'll be sure to check that out! :D

Nah actually my name would have either been Animus or Anima, and my next game would take the name I don't use. Anima suited my game much better, so I opted to use Animus as my user since I've grown tired of the names I used to go by on the Internet.

As for writing that's something I like to think I do well, so I'm probably going to solo that aspect, but I'm sure there are a lot of artists out there who wouldn't mind help with writing. When it comes to help with writing in video games I've noticed people usually want help with NPC dialogue. Hopefully though there will be someone who wants more plot development help as that is what people usually base good writing on.

Thanks :D I am actually starting a project with my brother, we plan to buy VX Ace after we fool around with 2003 for a bit and make a free game, then use VX Ace and get the commercial license and all that jazz. As for you I hope to see you game soon :D Put in a metal song \m/

I'm a writer!

Hardcore metal music? I wish more people had such music in their own games haha.

Welcome to the forums, and good-luck with the whole game designer thing.

Thanks man! And yeah I do too, metal is epic. And would your name happen to have something to do with assassin's creed e3e? But hey if you wanna hook up for a project I am available. One thing I forgot to mention is I am good at character development (not so much drawing though... I work with words :P)