Umbral Soul

Finished Reinhardt scenario, did recruit Marcus and looked around quite a bit. Those were pretty good stories, Damien is even more invaluable than I thought he would be. This little army of darkness is endearing and scary. This story seem to focused on choices and consequences, more on latter though. I now have a bit of reminiscences on similar themed game I doubt most people here played - The Last Sovereign , which had similar topics, while being focused more on choices. Liking it so far 7/10 for now I think? Not sure

Umbral Soul

Okay, I got to Azrielle castle, beaten him and found another weird moment. When I go around the castle with whole party gathering stuff I am able to hire Gryger the invisible berserker at monster kennel, which I assume by dialogue I should know.. but I see him first time. Other than few usual collision shenanigans seems no big bugs, though I didn't seek as hard this time. I'm liking character dynamics however, and Kraken is pretty nice to have. Feels like Overlord, but less campy, less pandering, and bit more self aware. Still quite a bit of groaners, but several of them are warranted and some jokes and moments are really neat.

Umbral Soul

Sadly nope. Well. whatever, faster just to replay forest quickly than bother trying to fix this

Umbral Soul

Somehow I stuck in a river after trying to enter abandoned tower, just after that bee forest. 'yada yada whatever go fetch me a world' - and I'm somehow stuck in a river quite a bit north to the place I entered


Pretty nice game, played it several times in different iterations. It really has good classical feel. Also not sure if it was intended, but this game really gives this feeling of gray versus black morality - all those reactions, several dialogues, and even some actions of almost every character! You know, when the party was going to go to the witch's tower I was facepalming like no end and by the end of it I actually understood so much negativity in Meredith dialogue variants. Really made me feel for characters, even if it was ridicule, disgust and even fear, Actually had to re-evaluate all actions in game and made some interesting conclusions. Thanks. )

Fighting Robots Quest

This is one tasty game! Really enjoyed it, even tried both variants. It was really surprising and wonderful find. Definitely will try it on next demo and when it's done.

Guild Raider!

Game is very enjoyable and entertaining, if only too short.

-Errors with respawns of moster right after battle with resulting endless loop
-Sixth sense issue
-Isn't *quake spell supposed to be multi-target spell?
-Mage sometimes doesn't get last ability levels, even with barons
-Can't imagine? where in 9 realms could be last magi of 2-nd level - is it from frozen party? Couse it doesnt seem to count to prism counter.
Also, make barons more frail,they are way too useful as a race.

Zephyr Skies: The Winter Sage

OK, after I downloaded it, I thought that there were not much maps as I expected. Then were the surprising intro, which brought in the feeling of wrongness. Aah. Then came the game. I remembered some things in my poor life... then I tried to read game page... Read it, analysed it and understood something deep. Thank you for that. Pity I am too lame to achieve a perfect ending. Well, sorry, Link, your adventure is in another game.
*went replaying DQ2 to calm himself*

Saturday 4th of June - Monday 20th of June...

*thank you for the hard work, will be patiently waiting to look at its results. Good luck.

Forever's End

Have general slowdown here and there. Is there any way to remedy it?
Sometimes (in castle sewers) bad enough to be unplayable.
What are 'actual' system requirements? Or what, if anyone knows, could cause such lags on not too shabby PC. -_-.
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