[UNITY] (Paid) Looking for experience programmer for 16 bit game

Hey there.
I'm looking for an addition to my super small team who is aiming to create a commercial retro rpg.

We are looking for a capable and invested partner, who is willing to work on the games engine with a stake in any money the game can generate. We can't offer any hourly compensation at this time, but are looking for a coder to invest in the idea and become one of the co-owners of this project.

I'm done with rpg maker and am trying to elevate from hobby to business.
I'm thinking Unity 2d would be good, but am open to negotiation.

I am the designer/artist and am already going to town on assets and maps.

We have an experienced composer who I worked with on my Eagleland project.

Anywhere enough with the sales pitch, here's the game.

The game aims to be a throwback snes rpg with platforming, puzzle and adventure elements to slice up the traditional jrpg formula.

If you think you have the drive and ability to help us with our dream, contact me pls.

Let's make a game.

[RM2K3] Patch Consolidation Help

Hey all. This is in regard to my earthbound fan game eagleland made in rm2k3

I'm using a number of Cherry's patches but I am now very interested in using the auto enter patch which bypasses the title screen. However this patch is just a new RPG rt. I have already hacked the RPG rt I've been using a number of times and have many patches applied ( I don't even remember which ones anymore it's been years). I tried swapping out my RPG rt for the auto enter one and applying pics pointer and some of the others I know I've used but I'm still getting game crashing errors. When I switch back to my old RPG rt everything is fine, but I really want that damn auto enter thing to work. Anyone have experience or know another way to avoid changing out my RPG rt??

I'm available on aim as well.

Any help is appreciated.

Help with caterpiller system (Rm2k3)

Hey guys,

Been working on an Earthbound styled game for 2 years now, and I got a decent 8 directional movement working, but was using rustys tried and true caterpiller system as well. However, I cant for the life of me alter his code to work with my 8 dir system. The other 3 characters follow fine with 4 directions, but I cant get them to mimic the heros exact moves when going 8 directions. I'm no good with x and y stuff, and am looking to outsource this job of marrying the two systems.

I'll credit whoever helps in my game of course, and I'll hook you up with a prize for helping me, I dunno a giftcard or money or something, I'm just tired of fucking with this.

So anyone interested who's particularly good with x and y, and move event commands, hit me up.

thanks buds

[Rm2k3] Caterpillar Help

* I'm using a modification of rusty's tried and true caterpillar system.

I'm integrating 8 directional movement pretty well, but I'm experiencing some difficulty getting the other party members to trace the heros exact steps behind him. It's kind of hard to explain.

The way I have it set up now is functional but I don't think it's as good as it could possibly be.

I've been screwing with this off and on forever now and I REALLY need to find out if I'm going to implement this feature or not, before I go into heavy graphics production.

I'm looking for someone experienced with x,y stuff, that is willing to lend a hand.
Ideally, we would chat on aim or something that would be easier than forum posting a million times back and forth.

Anyone who can help me get this working the way I'm shooting for will receive a birthday card with 10 bucks in it. ;)

[Rm2k3] Database Erased

so I opened up my project, and got a stream read error when trying to test play. thats when I noticed all my maps where black. All the resources are still in the project folder and the map files etc, but the database information is all gone and everything is blank.
All the max fields are set to 1 and are empty.

This wouldn't be THAT big of a deal besides losing all my common events : (

anyone know anything about this?

8 directional movement [rm2k3]

I've studied some demos and games that use this, and I'm still yet to see an 8 dir pulled off smoothly. I just tried my hand at one, lots of key input press and fork conditions and it plays just like the ones I've seen before. Chunky and unresponsive. Just checking, patches are new to me, has there been anything like this created?

Or anyone confident of a way to pull it off well and feel like helping me out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

and no, I don;t have any interest in switching to rmvx or xp or whatever, I realize its possible in other makers, but I've gone too deep into rm2k3 and am looking for a solution. help?

message box wait

I'm almost complete my rolling hp system ala earthbound, the only problem I'm having is that whenever a battle message is displayed like "\n attacks!\^" the rolling will momentarily pause.

notice I am using the autoclose on the textboxs so you cant just let it sit there and pause your rolling indefinitley.

is there any method or patch that can remove this wait during a messagebox display?

[RM2K3] Key Input Help

So I'm working on a TIMED HIT (ala mario rpg) event that checks if you press the decision key at a certain time when attacking in my cbs.

it works just fine, except that if you are button mashing the decision key it will register as a success.
I want you you to have to hit it accurately at the right moment, but not just be able to mash the key, ya know.

is there a solution to this? Any way to check if your constantly spamming the key?


Displaying a fixed picture on a map larger than 20 x 15

So I'm using a panorama of my city, with the buildings as part of the bg. I need you to be able to walk behind said buildings, or at least the tops anyway. So, I figure to do this, i could create an identical picture of the panorama, erase everything that isnt something I want to be able to go behind.

problem is, I cant seem to get the picture to display directly over the map. I tried using coordinates, and also variable references of different events around the map.

Also it seems to depend where the hero starts out on the map as well. anyone know a solution to this?
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