How do you feel about profanity in RPG Maker games?

@Rod_Wadd That may be fine for you but there is a large group of people who will call you out for inaccuracies. And why would anybody want to write anything like the Canterbury Tales? That travesty is the most boring piece of purple prose ever conceived. And just because you haven't seen games with excellent writing doesn't mean they're not on here. I direct your attention to Myth Xaran, Fey, Notes on the Edgosian Crisis, and Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven.

I think you've entirely missed the point of what I was saying. I wasn't talking about "good writing." I was saying that since no one attempts to be "true" to the language used over 500 years ago in any other aspect, being called out by large groups of people for using the word "shit" seems a little silly.

How do you feel about profanity in RPG Maker games?

Well, it doesn't make sense in such games because the words didn't exist or were only just developing and simply didn't hold the same meaning. Fuck and shit are both good examples

I think strictly "making sense" and being jarring are two different things. I've never seen any game that reads like the Canterbury Tales on here, so I think that doesn't really say anything against my original point, that "shit" works better than "poop."

Twitching the Trope

The whole reason I started making an RPG was to play with and subvert the common video game tropes. I realize that that has also been done before and some people find it off-putting, but mine is a pretty personal project anyway so it's my way of connecting with what I enjoyed about games as a kid.

Monster encounters that make sense.

I don't want to point fingers at anyone, but there are RPGs where one dungeon only has two encounters, one with say kobolds and one with say wolves and when I contacted the developer suggesting a higher variety in encounters, he actually told me something like "But it wouldn't make sense if kobolds and wolves worked together". This thread somehow reminded me of that.

That's funny because I assume they were in charge of the decision to make those the two encounters. Was "the cave of kobolds and wolves" so central to the story/world that it couldn't be fixed?
Anyway, in my fantasy world, kobolds train and ride wolves, and, here's the kicker, vice versa.

How do you feel about profanity in RPG Maker games?

I think that shit is a much more sensible word than say, poop, or crap, or feces, or BM or whatever else I can come up with, when talking about excrement, I don't know about everyone else's fantasy medieval worlds but in mine people aren't squeamish about that sort of thing so euphemisms, and god forbid, medical terms, would be much more jarring.

How do you feel about profanity in RPG Maker games?

I think I've outgrown the "I'm too mature to swear" phase.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

This project appeared from started with my necessity to better understand how to use variables, and I tried to make my own graphics that, even that it not to be though they may not be very good, made ​​me feel very happy to see the result. =]

The protagonist of this game wakes up without knowing who him he is or what he was doing,. tThen he meets a girl that affirm claims to know him and says that she will help him recover thehis memoryies. Both go in search of how to recover thehis memory, but some things happen with they that can or not prevent it.

The game features some puzzles and three different endings depending ofon your choices and your curiosity, also some puzzles in same,. I hope you enjoy it.

I tried to correct your English while keeping it as true to the original as I could. Sorry, but the part I underlined I wasn't exactly sure what you meant.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

Fair enough, Liberty, if the formatting isn't up to your standards. Seriously though "I don't want to be alone anymore" and "I never wanted to be alone" are both grammatically correct, they just mean different things.

Making a game that's purposely "bad"(YMMV)

The trick is to do it so no one can tell whether it was on purpose or not.

Let's work on your game descriptions!

I'd consider all of those things pretty minor compared to what I see in games from native speakers, but to each their own.
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