Are there restrictions on games that can be hosted here? Specifically games aimed for more mature audiences.

Personally I can totally understand why the site would want to keep pornography off the site, considering that RPG maker seems to be used for straight-up "hentai" games sometimes.

I think that if the work is wholly "designed to appeal to the prurient interest" of the audience then its intention is probably pornographic in nature. Anything less than that however, seems to my mind to be muddying the waters a bit. Are games are going to have to pass a higher quality bar just because they include "mature content?"

Of course the moderators of this site are free to deny submissions for whatever reason they choose, but saying that M-rated games are subject to the mods' opinion of what is funny or tasteful or meaningful when meanwhile with (P)G-rated games the community at large gets to decide whether they're well-written or artistically meaningful or not, seems a little unfair.

I await the clarification.

PS is violence allowed in our games?

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Could it be the accented character (ΓΌ) that's causing the problem?

Are there restrictions on games that can be hosted here? Specifically games aimed for more mature audiences.

Does it really have to be TASTEFUL? I think mature content can be non-pornographic but also in bad taste. From what I've seen of games on this site bawdy humor is pretty much unrestrained.

[Poll] What do you think about multiple endings?

I like the idea of multiple endings if a game is going to give you choices to make. I wouldn't mind being railroaded into a specific story and led to a single ending, but I would feel kind of duped if the game is just giving me the illusion of choice. If you're going to use BIG CHOICES as a plot device I think they should have consequences at least.

If you're worried about not spoiling your experience you could choose not to play the game a second time, of course, but if the game offers me a choice to SAVE THE GIRL and I go through a second time and nothing significantly changed, I'd be a bit miffed.

My preference for having multiple endings would be in a Maniac Mansion, choose your own adventure style, where you're basically creating the ending as the natural result of your gameplay, not just something that's tacked on for cool points and doesn't really flow from the choices made.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

It's kind of an odd perspective since the roof on the little guardhouse is at an angle and the top of the tower is supposed to be flat. I think it will look less jarring without the building there, or if the building also had a flat roof.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I think these latest hospital rooms look nice. You might want to make a place for legs to go under the computer since that chair looks like it was made for sitting at a desk with such a space.

Oh, and of couches, TVs, and pet tigers, I have DEFINITELY stayed in hospital rooms with TVs in them before.

He knows about timed hits

There's also the option of having every action performed by the same key so that the player instinctively knows what key to press.

Event dialoug help

I think you might want to use the "help request" forums from questions of these type from now on.

If I understand what you're saying I think you can do this with a switch. So after your event says "I will only say this once" you turn on the switch "said it once" or something then have that same event say something different when that switch is on.

If you wanted to keep doing this you could use a variable instead of a switch and just add one every time you wanted to move the conversation forward.

2k3 bug fix? request re: Skill Scroll Items

That's a shame. I guess I'll just have to find a way around it. Thanks for the reply!

[DynRPG Plug-in] Provoke Skill

This sounds cool and I would love to try it in my game!