What Kind of Game Would You Like To See On-Site?

You don't have to make your games all about edgy stuff like sex or poop

I agree with everything you said except for this. Sexy poopy games for everyone!

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Ok, who decided to make the default system skin for messages semi-transparent?

I think this is linked to the battle screen message, so if transparent is checked there, it will make this transparent as well. I noticed the same thing and when I got rid of transparency there, it went back to normal here as well.

On a related note, I noticed that the message box also lingers a bit longer so that where I used to have teleports where the message box would go away, I'd notice an empty message box still on the screen after the teleport.

[2k3] [help] Is it possible to choose items without using them?

Okay, I think I've got it. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the help!

[2k3] [help] Is it possible to choose items without using them?

LockeZ, thanks for your reply. It was more something I was curious about than something that I feel is crucial to my game so I don't think I'll be going the hard route.

I'm a little confused by your first comment, "the switch doesn't have to be on in order for the item to work" but the common event occurs when the switch is on? Do you mean that just the switch being on alone isn't enough?

Here's the way I'm envisioning things happening. Let's say the player acquires the ITEM in the dungeon and then decides to use it there for whatever reason. (Nothing happens, as far as the player is concerned, but the switch is turned on at this point, right?) Then he goes to town and talks to the NPC, and since the switch is on, the character gives it automatically, without the player selecting the item at that point? Which is why I thought I'd need to turn the switch off so that it doesn't activate the event as soon as the player is standing near the NPC, but only by the player using the item in the right spot.

[2k3] [help] Is it possible to choose items without using them?

Thanks for your reply! I figured it might be so. Switches it is, then. I've been trying to work with the switch items and I guess you have to make it so that the switch is turned off at all other times so that you can't use the item at a completely different time/place and have that activate the "giving" accidentally.

[2k3] [help] Is it possible to choose items without using them?

Hello, I've looked around and lurked for a bit but I can't seem to figure this out, even though it seems like it'd be a pretty common issue. Is it possible to choose an item from the item menu without using it, for example, to give to an NPC, drop it, throw it in a well, etc.?
For example, let's say I want to have the player choose to give an NPC some item, but I don't want to give the hint that would come from a choice such as "Give JOE the BLUE THING? Y/N?" Or having a character choose to use an item in a specific situation such as choosing which of several keys they have to use in a certain door? The only ways I can think of would involve checking to see if the character has those things and then asking the player specifically if they want to use that item, which I hope to avoid, or being able to do it only with switch type items, and not, say, potions, where choosing it from the menu would mean using it and thus not allowing it to be used in another way.
I hope this question makes sense, at least. Thanks in advance for reading!
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