Basic Monster Design (2k3)

Are there any tutorials or resources explaining the basics of monster design, specifically for 2003? By design I mean stats, attacks, groupings, etc., not graphic design.

2k3 bug fix? request re: Skill Scroll Items

A few months ago I had a question regarding Skill Scroll items and their animations happening too late. We came to the conclusion that it might be inherent to the engine itself, at which point the thread died.

Original thread is here:

Since these types of issues are way above my pay grade I have no idea if this is something that can be done easily using DynRPG or whatnot, but I figured I'd repost the topic here to see if anyone was willing to give it a look.

Thanks for reading.

(2k3) "Skill Scroll" animations too late?

I'm trying to create items of the Skill Scroll type, and I'm noticing that when the character uses the item, it damages the enemy (and disappears the enemy if it does enough damage to kill it) before playing the battle animation for the skill. If I use the skill itself, however, the damage happens after the battle animation.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there any way to remedy this?


Non-white resources?

Hi, I am using first seed material sprites for my game and I noticed there's one black guy (with a blonde mohawk). I have tried recoloring the white sprites using PAINT .NET but I'm having a little trouble getting them to look right, since my spriting skills are abysmal. Also, facesets to go with them are even harder to manage.
Does anyone have any experience with this kind of work who would be willing to share tips?

Tasteless Material?

This is a provocative request, but please bear with me. The TOS uses the term "tasteless" I believe. What is the most "tasteless" game available for download on this site? I want to know what the established standards are like. I'm not talking about pornographic material, but I know some games have strong language and at least sexual innuendo. If I could check out the most offensive games on here I'd have some idea.

[2k3] [help] Is it possible to choose items without using them?

Hello, I've looked around and lurked for a bit but I can't seem to figure this out, even though it seems like it'd be a pretty common issue. Is it possible to choose an item from the item menu without using it, for example, to give to an NPC, drop it, throw it in a well, etc.?
For example, let's say I want to have the player choose to give an NPC some item, but I don't want to give the hint that would come from a choice such as "Give JOE the BLUE THING? Y/N?" Or having a character choose to use an item in a specific situation such as choosing which of several keys they have to use in a certain door? The only ways I can think of would involve checking to see if the character has those things and then asking the player specifically if they want to use that item, which I hope to avoid, or being able to do it only with switch type items, and not, say, potions, where choosing it from the menu would mean using it and thus not allowing it to be used in another way.
I hope this question makes sense, at least. Thanks in advance for reading!
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