How to fix/lower MP3 sizes

Very good tutorial, I had been extremely reluctant to use mp3s due to their size up until this point.

What are you listening to? [Music]

Shine On - Jet

I've loved their garage-band sound since the first time I heard them.

Third Rift

Sorry if anyone downloaded that last version, I fixed some of the glitches, so
I think it should run a bit better.


Well, I made them myself.

Corrupt a wish game!

author=Quiversee link=topic=1063.msg24440#msg24440 date=1216441221
Granted. You have no free time for the rest of your life.

I wish I understood fourth edition D&D as well as I understand 3.5.

Granted, then 5.0 comes out.

I wish I were dying of cancer.

Shadow's Glory

You should add a bit more before posting...
...and even what you have needs major improvement.
Story, graphics, animations, dialogue... nothing new. 1/10

Game Design Discussion of the Week: Status Effects

I have found that the str or int limiters allow for a
very fun system to be made. They allow a shortcut for
different skills to be useable only under certain
conditions which helps me ALOT.

Guess the Game!!!

Is that "Dead Grave"... I'm almost certain
that isn't the right english translation, but I
thought I'd try.

WHAT THE HEY!? rpgmk2003

Okay. I actually found the solution on my own...
One of my loops were misfunctioning and were causing the player
to lose all equipment. ::) WHY this was causing my skills to
fail I have no idea... in any case problem solved.

post your picture

author=YummyDrumsticks link=topic=384.msg23542#msg23542 date=1215889643
I changed my mind on who I wanted to be.
I'd shake your hand for that comeback... but I have no idea who you are,
so that would be a bad idea.
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