WHAT THE HEY!? rpgmk2003

Okay... I recently added several different features to my game, but now when I run it no matter what weapon is held, the character punches. Also, skills appear shaded as though unusable even though I have plenty of MP. I have checked to make sure of the following.

1: Sprites were loaded.
2: Sprites had corresponding weapons animations.
3: Equipped weapon corresponded to weapons animation.
4: Class corresponds with Sprites and animations.
5: Character corresponds with class, sprites, and animations.
6: I did not accidentally give a condition which limits skills
7: No event included "Add/Remove Skill".

What other possible reasons can there be? Please assist. ???

...ANYONE!? PLEASE don't make me have to start over... *whimper*

New Chipset

I'm working on creating a new tileset, and trying to get
an outdoors but familiar feel. I modeled most of
it off of a house and landscape I saw in Maine, US.
It's not completed but I thought I'd share my progress.

Here's the chipset after several changes and some new editions,
not all of which are shown in this sample.

Resource Problem

Several of the Resources are lacking sources. This creates a few legal problems for anyone using those resources. If there is any way to track down the original owners...

Multiple Animations?

??? Is there a way to show multiple battle animations at the same time outside of combat?I've tried to do this and on every occasion either the battle animations don't move, or only one of them show up at a time. Is there perhaps a limit to the number of variables that can exist in each individual map or something? This is really bugging me, and I can't get it out of my head.


I misplaced the link to this site today, and it took me over 20 minutes just to figure out where the heck it went. :P Just thought I'd share my absolutely brilliant absent-mindedness with everyone.

Moving in RM2k3

I cannot stress how much of an improvement it would be if my character wouldn't move a full space every single time I press a direction key. Is there a way to disable this without stopping all motion? The idea is that I want my character to face a direction and THEN move if the key is either held or pressed again. I can do all of that on my own, but I don't know how to remove the default for the direction keys.

Import Error

I keep receiving an error when importing my weapon set images.
Recently, Rm2k3 is telling me that there is a "Stream Read Error" which doesn't
make sense to me, since I thought that only applies to data spreads.
I have imported many other images this way in the past, so It is irrelevant to my system and photoshop. In any case, I have checked all the requirements for the image, I'm using Photoshop in 8-bit format, the file is being saved as a bmp, and the sizes are correct.
Is there something I'm doing wrong here?

Battle System Help 2K3

???I do not know if this is remotely possible in RM2K3, but I hope there is someone who will be able to tell me how to change and/or add battle algorithms. If there is not, then how about a way to set up a system where two different MP bars are used for different skills? Any help would be much appreciated.
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